Ovon Giant dog/Unknown Hybrid.

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Ovon Giant dog/Unknown Hybrid. Empty Ovon Giant dog/Unknown Hybrid.

Post  Danny on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:03 pm

Name: Ovon Leor

Race: Hybrid

Age: Unknown

Abilities: Ovon has amazing strength and speed, being capable of outrunning a vampire and outlast poundings from lycans, and then give them back. He also has the unique ability of turning into a giant dog, like the lycans hispo form and becomes even stronger than before, but a TINY bit slower.

Disadvantages: Ovon has no energy based abilities and although he stays in his 'unknown' looking human form his mind is half controlled by a lovable, playful dog which can lead to some troubles for him.

Physical apperances: Ovon stands at 6''8 ft with a very musclar build. He has blue hair and blue eyes.

Apperance: Ovon wears a long cloak, jeans, no shoes and a ragged beaten shirt.

History: Ovon grew up with no parents and no-one to look after him, although he struggled it made him turn out to be quite a strong willed person. Ovon disliked his dog mind when it betrayed him, forcing him to run after sticks and objects people through for him as a joke.

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Ovon Giant dog/Unknown Hybrid. Empty Re: Ovon Giant dog/Unknown Hybrid.

Post  Zoey on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:04 pm


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