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Post  Adam on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:35 am

Name: Algore Morkland

Age: No-one actually knows, but he appears to be in his late 20's

Race: Giant

Date & Place Of Birth: The date is unknown, but he was born in an all giant village in the mountains

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Algore stands at 20 feet tall and weighs 1000 lbs +. He has wild untamed brown hair which he never combs along with a small patch of hair on his chin, his eyes are a piercing hazel brown which resemble that of a small puppy dog. His face is warm looking and friendly, which compared to the rest of his body is in great contrast. He has very broad shoulders which could fit around 5 grown men on each. His arms are excedingly muscular because since being a giant, brute strength is the only thing he can rely on. His torso is rippling with muscles which can sometime be seen through his tops. His legs are exactly like trees, in length and in width, this allows his enormous frame to be supported.

Clothing Description: He wears a large grey t-shirt that would bury any normal sized man, but it stretchs rather tightly accross his large torso, he also wears very baggy trousers which could probably fit 3 very tall men in each legs. He tends to wear no shoes at all but when he does he prefers to wear sandals, which would be the size of a small canoe for any normal sized person.

Behavioural Description: Algore's personality is like that of a small child, in which they are very innocent and loving. He will attempt to make friends with everyone and anyone he meets, although most people he meets write him off as annoying, he will still persist on making them his friends. If he see's anyone or anything hurting someone else he will interfere, this is one of Algore's most favoured aspects, that he will help anyone in need. Since he is the last surviving giant he trys to be excepted into other races, although he is rejected by most of them, Algore does have a few close friends which he will often be seen with.

Parents Names And Occupations: Gidal and Titaia Morkland, Algore's father Gidal was the chiefton of his mountain giant village whereas his mother just took care of the family.

Abilities: Being a giant Algore doesn't possess any magical abilities at all, he relies on brute strength and power in battles. But due to his large size and frame that is not necessarily a bad thing as he can out power most other races.

Other Family Members: Algore has no surviving family members since the giants were wiped out totally, although members of his family may have mated with other races.

Spouse or Lover: Algore has had feelings for a few women, but they wont except him since he is merely a giant.

Social Class: Algore is considered to be on the boarder line of lower and middle class.

Education: Algore has no education what so ever, the only thing he really knows is the difference between right and wrong which he will put into effect whenever needed.

Job Related Skills: Algore had been known to rip up trees which are then used to build homes for other races, his strength is a large asset for this type of work.

Hobbies: Algore likes to smash things that he deems unneeded.

Personal Qualities: He will defend anyone that is in danger.

Sense Of Humour: Algore has a very simple sense of humour and wont tend to get jokes straight off and so will just laugh when everyone else does. He does not understand sarcasm in the slightest.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities: Algore is in perfect phsycal health, Although his mental health is often questioned by people. (LOL)

Sexual Orientation: Straight/

Attitude Towards Life: Algore lives every day as it comes and will try to make life easier by attempting to help anyone he can.

Attitude Towards Death: Algore doesn't really tend to think about death as it brings back the memories of his wiped out race.

Algore Morkland (Giant) Algore-1[center]

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Post  Jessica on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:50 pm

accepted. (Y)

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