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Post  Adam on Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:14 pm

Name: Yera

Age: Unknown


Date & Place Of Birth: Unknown

Height, Weight
& Physical Description: He stands at 6''9 with a relatively muscular body. His eyes are a dark red colouration which has something to do with the fact that he is part demon. His hair is dark red and flows down his back slightly. Although he doesn't reveal his body very often, he is extremely tattooed over his abodomen and arms. The marking over his body are like that of ritual markings again linked with his demonic blood. His right hand has a more demonic look than his left, he wont hide it either as he is proud of his blood.

Clothing Description: He wears light yet strong armour, red and silver in colouration. He also wears a dark red cape with a goldeon trim around the edges.

Behavioural Description: Yera is practically a killing machine, there is only a select few people that he cares about, any others he will usually just ignore unless they show any kind of threat, then he will eliminate them.

Parents Names And Occupations: Unknown

Abilities: He has the ability to command the elements of fire and earth, sometimes combining the two to create a lava effect with scolding earth parts within them. He also posseses the ability to levitate and throw objects at will. Another power that he posses's is that he can heavily influence the weak minded, this means he can order them to do certain things like attempt to kill other people, but he can never tell them to kill themselves. Bare in mind this can only take effect on the weak minded.

Weapons: The blade which he posses's is something that was made for him deep within the pits of hell, combined with his own demonic blood the sword is combined with his very being. This means that when he uses it his normal powers are enhanced, he also has the ability to summon his sword, even if it is in the posession of someone else. The sword will automatically disappear from their hands and appear within his.

Other Family Members: Unknown

or Lover: Non

Social Class: Middle

Job Related Skills: He is a free lance eliminator.

Hobbies: His only hobby really is his work

Of Humour: He doesn't really have one..

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks,
Disabilities: Perfect

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Yera (Unknown) Empty Re: Yera (Unknown)

Post  Jessica on Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:32 pm

accepted. :3

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