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Name; Sadira [Last Name Unknown]

Age; 22 - In Appearance [In reality her age is somewhere in the hundreds.]

Race; Ethereal Human - this allows her to move into a ghost like state. Her body is thus able to move through objects without any effort what so ever.

Partner; Saul [Last Name Unknown]

History; [To Be Added At A Later Date]

Appearance; Sadira's most noticeable feature when first spotted is her brilliant ruby coloured hair which ripples right down to her lower back, this is sometimes tied back into a bun which will be kept together by a large garnet clasp. Her hair is cut just above her eyes, hiding her eyebrows and forehead from view. Sadira's eyes also capture attention as the colour of her hair and eyes contrast dramatically. The iris of her eye is a deep magenta, and even more strangely her pupil appears to change colour underneath any light to a pale grey. Her skin is generally unblemished apart from one long thin scar running down one of her shoulders which then curves across onto the top of her back, apart from this there is no other sign of battle on her body or face. It is a very pale porcelain, making her appearance look slightly vampric when put with the colour of her hair. She is also taller than the average human, at a height of 6'' this with the shape of her body makes her appear very slender with slight curves which she makes more noticeable with the clothing she wears.

Her clothing will often be just as bright and brash as her appearance, rarely will Sadira dress in whites as she finds it too dull. Usually, she wears a scarlett coloured silk dress which will end just above her knee, the skirt of the dress is not tightly fitted so that during fights she is not at a disadvantage. Along the sides of the dress, small rubies have been encrusted in a swirling pattern which draws attention to the curves made visible by the dress. Over the top of the dress she will usually wear either a small cropped black & red velvet jacket with many holders on the inside, to hold various items and weapons. Occasionally if she does not wish her identity to be known, she will wear a long deep blue cloak with a large hood, along the edge of the hood is silver and gold stitching in a long pattern which then goes down the back of this robe and forms into a thin belt which holds two large gold and silver swords. As well as a small gold and silver patterned eye mask which will hide a fraction of her face.

Sadira [Last Name Unknown] Picture1-10-1

Personaility; Sadira has only one motive in life, and this is to cause complete and utter chaos to the order of the world. This led her to learn about the dark arts, using her intelligence not for good but for her own purposes. She hungers for power and got this by delving into magic which was usually prohibited like her partner Saul, her abilities ranged to her being able to control darkness itself to use for her own devices such as creating portals to other realms, or other areas of Pangea with ease. Her control began to grow and grow until she was able to control spirits and force them to do her bidding with little effort. She hates everyone she meets with a burning passion due to her disturbing and violent past.This causes her to take her revenge out on anyone she meets showing her sadistic and vindictive nature. Necromancy is another ability she possesses allowing her to summon & take control of the dead pushing them to maim and kill anyone she wishes. Her experience and disturbing determination through both pain and pressure allowed her to finally delve into the arts of summoning dark creatures, objects and people. Sadira shows her impatience through the way that she speaks and acts around people, honestly believing she is better than everyone around her. As she is generally a black hearted, she is able to sense the darkness of a beings soul and heart, the darker they are the more control she is able to have ranging from just an influence in the back of their mind, right to complete control of their bodies. Part of her arrogance is also brought on by her ability to seduce any being, either female or male. This she uses as a way to create an opportunity to use her other unique ability, Puppeters Embrace. This ability means, she must only kiss the being once to gain full control of them and their bodies using them meerly as puppets in her scheme. Often using this so she can watch the victim torturing themselves meaning she doesn't have to lift a finger. Her senses are more enhanced than a human making her much more accurate over a large area.
Generally, she never shows love or compassion except for her Partner Saul. Her personaility which is usually very harsh and dominant, when on her own with Saul becomes very passive and loving. This and her experience as a mage and sorceror has allowed her to create a mind link with Saul when she truely desires it. However when in public she will not show her true feelings for him and will usually keep out of his battles knowing he can fight them on his own.


Her first weapons are two long thin swords with blades which curve round looking like two scythes. Along the edge of each blade is thin markings which can only be seen when looked at up close. The blade itself is made of oynx which has been sharpened along the edge to give it a razor blade like cut. The hilt of each is different one being gold with various small gems along the top rim of the blade in various colours. The other blade has a silver hilt, which instead of gems along the top nothing but one large ruby. From a distance it appears to have nothing scribed into it, however if looked at closely hher name has been carved neatly into the gem.

Saul and Sadira, using their dark arts were once able to create a set of tools. They named these tools the Harvesters Utensils. They named them so because of the special properties that they had possessed. The tools themselves are able to harvest powers from people, either completely ridding the person of it, or just taking a sample and copying it so that the effects may be reproduced. They are also able to harvest energy from the being or object they are used upon. The use of them is based upon what the user of the utensils thinks about at the time. The tools are also able to bestow the powers and energy upon other beings. One power may be harvested at a time. These tools were created via the tainted arts and so were frowned upon severely by other magicians whom destroyed all except one set of them, the only set they could not find.
The tools themselves take on various shapes and sizes. The tools themselves came in varying shapes and sizes, and took on all manners of different forms. They are all made out of silver for the main body. The tools themselves have all sorts of markings on them of which are made of amethyst stone. This black stone makes up all the patterns and details on them, and is on both the edge of the blades and the very back of the handle to each tool. The amethyst seems to be what stores the powers. The largest amount of any certain style of tool in the collection are needles. These needles are incredibly long at around 8 inches in length. They are around the same thickness as middle range knitting needles. There are thirteen of these needles and they seem to be the main part of what stores any of the powers.
The tools appear upon the summoning of them by either Sadira or Saul. They seems to have a specific link to this pair and respond to their commands. When summoned they come in a leather wrap, the wrap itself being clasped shut by a silver buckle with an amethyst stone in the middle of it. The wrap itself seems to have writing written on it, which when opened glows red until closed again. The tools are laid within their respectful holders and places within the wrap itself. [Eddie allowed me to use this so we didn't have to write this up twice.]

- Not sure that I've got everything on this, I'll add more on later on if i've missed stuff off :] cheers x

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xD tis all good.

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