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Post  Zoey on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:45 pm

Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unknown

Physical Description:
Standing at around 6ft2, looking about nineteen years old, with a vivid teal blue Mohawk and a layered fringe falling over dark blue eyes, he stands out incredibly in crowds due to his appearance. He has a peachy pale skin tone, with snake bites and multiple cartilage piercing’s. His appearance can not be described as perfection, or handsomeness, but he has a way around him, that could make some people describe him as good looking, a slight confidence radiates of him. A distinctive feature to him, is multiple scars on his chest, and outrageous tattoos that cover his upper torso, melding in with some of the scars. He even has a facial tattoo that comes down in a diamond shape over his left eye.

His form is skinny, muscles being obvious but not over done. Any part of his skin shown, mostly his arms and legs are revealed with deep cuts, his face has a littler of cuts on his right cheek, but they faded mostly. His chest seems to be the worst scarred. The reason behind these scars is unknown. They are everywhere on him. Every inch of his body is scarred, deeply.

Clothing Description: A normal façade is a punkish look, he wears heavy chains and leather. Head phones, and spiky hair. It gives him such an intimidating un-social aura, although many reveal him as having a cool aura too. Some sort of aura that is idolized.

Behavioural Description/Personality: He is misspoken, tending to add comments on what people do. He is cold and uncaring most of the time. His attitude towards people can change, but it has a deep surface. It is a natural thing for those who first meet him, to think that he is just mean. Personally, he does not trust anyone and believes he never will. He finds himself being serious, more than not. Although he has a good humour, but it comes across as dry. He finds it hard to grow attached to people, and reminds himself that he does not trust people.

He is naturally seen to have no personality at all, no reference to how he lives his life. He is very intelligent. And there is something about him, many people believe it is like he has got a few pieces missing, a few screw’s loose. He has an attitude towards anyone, but there is a deep sadness within him that not everyone sees.


Sense/Strength/Speed: He has terrible sight, but wears contacts to receive twenty/twenty vision, his strength is above normal, as is his speed, but it can not be described as amazing. He has the strength as a Lycan, and the speed of them too. Although his reactions are incredible, his body just does not follow as quickly.

Air Elemental:
His one, and only true ability. He has a impeccable control over air, any sort of gas and it is under his manipulation. He can bind the air to and from places and basically make it his own. He is very precise, and perhaps one of Pangaea’s best Air Elementals.


As his age, his name and his race, this is completely unknown. A fact he barely shares with anyone.

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Post  Jessica on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:51 pm


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