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Cairo Keagan DiShae




Date & Place Of Birth:

Height, Weight & Physical Description:

Cairo stands at the height of roughly 6”11, towering over the usual citizens and public of his town. His figure is densely muscled and outlined brilliantly, having Incubus blood further increasing his stature and well looked after appearance. His weight exactly is unknown, but the weight he does carry is due to that of the thick muscle throughout his figure.

His skin tone is a light peach colouration, without any hindrance of blemishes, marks or scars. The only noticeable marks on his skin is the tribal patterned tattoo running down his arm, starting at the shoulder and finishing at the wrist.

His face is well is structured and defined, his features being extremely handsome and regal, mildly rough but this once more furthers his likeability and attractive appearance. His eyes are possibly the most noticeable feature about Cairo. Just like his daughter, his eyes are impeccably beautiful yet extremely frightening at the same time.

The iris is slightly slitted, numerous rings of darker silver and then white circulating throughout. Around the eyes, a natural darkness overlays. Furthermore, his possibly next noticeable feature is his hair. Long, thick and plentiful, his hair descends down
just towards the middle of his back.

It is dark black in colouration with the lightest streaks of lighter black. A slight styled fringe overlays his forehead with style. This long haired look gives him more a regal and upper-class appearance than the most usual males do with shorter hair, yet when the tattoo is revealed, it almost deducts from this, but his appearance cannot be denied as anything but amazingly attractive.

Clothing Description:


Behavioural Description:

Cairo carries himself with a regal look and tone to his voice, the very essence of almost royalty flowing from him. Despite his regal appearance and initial aura, he has a slight rough edge to him due to living around different parts of the world and picking up numerous languages, giving his tone something unique and undeniable to the ear.

Obviously, from the children he has produced, he has a fiery temper. Sometimes, the slightest things can easily cause him to get pissed off from time to time. Even if he tries to constrain himself, sometimes it can get heavily out of hand. His patience is limited on certain aspects. On the other hand, those of his family and those he’s befriended he can be abnormally protective of and caring, though his face may not show it.

If you can see past his intimidating appearance and aura, you can see through to the his polite side. His tone can move through to gentle and deep, a charming tone running throughout hinted with seductiveness that proves he is of incubus blood. Even though he is very polite mostly, he refuses to take any shit off people, no matter who they are. You should treat people how you want to be yourself.

As could be told, his emotions change regularly but according to the situation. When the situation calls for someone calm and polite, then he can fulfil the role, as for a time when someone who has an iron fist could be needed. Through this, it means he can be depended upon when needed.

This however does not mean he can be trusted in the blink of an eye. He can be trusted to a certain extent, but full trust is not something that should occur, as his emotions regularly change and differentiate from one to another rather quickly.

Finally, Cairo is a man of whim and will. If he wishes to do something, he will, especially if it is convenient for him. Others simply come into the matter when he feels like it.

Parents Names And Occupations:


Speed, Strength, Senses;
Cairos speed can excel that of an Arrancars speed. This makes him one of the fastest creatures in Pangaea without having to separate from his body. His strength believe it or not, goes beyond that of his speed. His strength also is close to that of being at Echo’s level, which is exceedingly difficult.

Energy Leech:
If Cairo is injured, then he is able to successfully manipulate and draw in energy in his surroundings and even from other people to heal his wounds. However, physical energy must be if he touches someone. Natural energy he may just be in the surroundings.

He is also able to use this power to heal other people if he so wishes too, on any level of injury, whether it be physical or internal damage.

Also by doing this, he is able to use this energy to further his own, making him all the more powerful. However, taking in too much can be harmful for Cairo, and so should be used sensibly.

Constricting Chains;
Cairo is able to form unlimited lengths of chain links that are able to constrict people automatically and can be used by telekinesis. This means he does not have to be touching the chains to manipulate them, he can be using his mind. Once constricted in these chains, it is almost impossible to break free unless an extreme force is applied.

Blood Manipulation;
Cairo is able to use his own blood to manipulate into weaponary and can form them to be bladed and edged. Also, by using this, he is able to manipulate other peoples blood in their body to make them as his own puppets either against their will, or forcefully.

Falling Leaves;
Similar to Elles Blossom power, Cairo is able to create a mist like form or descending air of leaves that fall from the sky as natural as ever. When touched normally, they are just the same as any other leaves. However, in the blink of an eye, they automatically turn into edged weapons. These weapons can be laced with poison, toxins etc if wished.

Mind projection: The ability to project yourself into another's mind and alter their decisions or choices without their awareness You would be capable of projecting an astral version of yourself into another's mind. This ability would allow you to change and alter your opponent's choices and to explore their inner thoughts.

Other Family Members:
Biological Daughter - Larina Ltorá
Biological Son - Cody Valentine
Biological Daughter (Deceased) - Elle Kaedon

Spouse or Lover:
Changes often.

Social Class:
Regarded as upper class.

Privately tutored and life experience.

Sense Of Humour:
Just like his daughter, his humour is very similar to hers, often being through sick mind and intentions, slightly witty and sarcastic, a dark edge to him.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:
The tattoo running down his arm helps to identify him, but the most noticeable feature is of course his eye colour.

Sexual Orientation:


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