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Raine-Damica Lowe

Post  Jessica on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:22 pm

Name: Raine Danica Lowe. Another name she is known as is ‘Mistress of Summoning’ as explained below.

Age: 9

Race: Unknown

Date & Place Of Birth: 17th June 2001

Height & Weight: Raine stands at the height of 4”4 and weighs roughly 5 stone.

Physical Description:

Despite her young age, Raines body is quite mature and developed, due to her bloodline and family genes. This can sometimes lead her to be mistaken for an older age than she actually is, this being both an advantage and disadvantage in numerous ways.

Her skin is a normal peach colouration, clear and unmarked, a sign of her innocent youth. Her features make her seem a little doll like, but again, her family genes allow her to look a little more mature with a well defined face structure, despite the childish roundness.

Her eyes are rather large and centred, being a bright pink in colouration, framed by naturally thick and long, plentiful eyelashes. However, from her heritage, she has a slight Japanese tint to her face, this making her look rather innocent and sweet.

Raine’s hair is rather long, reaching down to the middle of her back, yet stopping just above her waist. However, she usually has it tied up high behind her head in a pony tail, or an oriental looking style. However, she always has her thick full fringe with two large bangs either side of her head. The bangs themselves extend down towards just under her chest.

Her hair itself has fine colourations running through it. In the majority of light, it appears a soft lilac colour, but can appear quite white with just a tint of pink to it, again, this being a family trait.

Clothing Description:

Raine wears very simple clothing. Usually she is always wearing a similar outfit most days. A large, oversized white hooded jumper that comes just above her knees, and a pair of jet black tights or leggings. However, when she does wear tights, she tends to choose a variety of colours, having a selection of the rainbow; even actually having rainbow leggings or patterned ones to wear. She also has many different coloured high socks that tend to be on different lengths.
She is usually never seen without the jumper off, and if asked to take it off, is very reluctant. Under her jumper however, she simply wears a vest top with a large picture of a smiley face on it. In the hottest weather, she tends to wear plain denim shorts with many different badges and buttons decorating them, her long socks and a various coloured vest top once more; a very colourful character indeed. However, even if she isn’t wearing the jumper, she will always carry it around with her, even if its in a bag.

For her shoes, she usually goes around without any on, but if she has to, usually plain white or plain black knee high boots without a heel. Accessory wise, she tends to wear many bracelets, necklaces and earrings, her ears being pierced 3 times on either, and the only makeup she wears is catlike eyeliner and numerous coloured nail polish.

Behavioural Description:

Despite Raines bright, colourful appearance, she is a rather shy, slightly timid girl at first. She’s openly friendly, but this is only when you earn her trust. Even though she is hesitant and a little reluctant, she is usually always seen calm and constantly puts all her effort into things she does. She’s a very determined 9 year old, sometimes showing maturity past her age.

However, when she is open with people and feels relaxed around them, she tends to be constantly happy, upbeat, talkative and well mannered due to her upbringing. Unlike the others of her family, her temper is anything but flared. She is usually calm and relaxed, taking things as they come.

On the other hand, many things can trigger her moods. She is quite sensitive and delicate underneath her bubbly appearance and initial personality. Due to a tragedy in her history, she shies away from violence, blood and drama, preferring a quiet surrounding and also tends to associate with gentler people.

Parents Names & Occupations:
Asuka Misaki & Gareth Lowe.

Other Family Members:
Raine is pretty much related to the Q’Sons and Dres’Veis family. Since Asuka and Gareth passed away, Bliss Q’Son took both Raine and her adopted sister Rory under her as her godchildren.


Raine is highly shy and timid around the opposite gender, easily blushing and being embarrassed. She has only ever had one relationship before, and that was of childish youth.

Social Class:

Raine isn’t exactly high upper class, but she isn’t lower class either. She could be considered middle class, however she has a slight touch of upper class to her, by the way she talks, and the polite manners she has.


Enhanced Senses:

Raine, like pretty much every creature in Pangaea has bizarrely enhanced senses. Her sight is the strongest of her senses, whereas strangely, her hearing lacks the most. Sometimes, she can be mistaken for deaf, as she isn’t always aware of her surroundings.

Speed & Strength:

Raines speed and strength is incredible. Her speed equals that of an arrancars, but she usually never see’s the need to go fast. Sometimes she even see’s this as ‘cheating.’ She is usually never seen going any faster than a blur, and rarely, a flit equal to a vampire. Her strength surpasses that of an Ahroun Lycan, however, she has no visible muscle to her body, instead, they seem concealed under smooth skin.


An unique ability of Raines she simply calls ‘trust.’ This is an ability that makes people instantly trust her. This is something that also enables to her to be befriended easily. She finds this ability highly useful and often relaxes her in awkward social situations. It is seen thankful however that she is good natured, as this trust could easily be used for corruption.


In a way, this ability has been inherited, yet adapted to suit Raine, from her aunt, Angel. If any energy or magic based attack is to hit Raine or attempt to, it is instantly intensified and reflected back at the person. This means for example, if someone hits Raine with a fireball, it will not harm her, and will reflect back at the person as a wall of fire instead of a ball. This results in Raine only being able to be harmed by weaponry and actual hand to hand skills.


Raine constantly has vectors on her body. She can generate up to 12 of these at a time. These vectors are arms that can stretch as long as she wishes, and are completely invisible and telekinetic. These can be used to do whatever she wishes, however, these vectors, if she wishes, can become as sharp as blades. They are often there also to protect her. Many people cannot even approach her in a threatening manner, as the vectors are quick to warn them off.


This is Raines type of energy. It appears in gold flakes, a lot like confetti, however this can be projected in powerful beams, balls and can also be used a shield. However, this energy is not normal. Yes, it has the ability to destroy, but also, even if one or two flakes get into the eyes, it instantly blinds them, if it is to go into the nose, instantly makes them lose their sense of smell, etc for their other senses.


At will, or whenever she is threatened, Raine has automatic guardians. These guardians are a team of 5 angels and 5 demons. However, she cannot summon both demon and angel at the same time. She can only summon the angels together, and the demons together. This gives her the ability to use the angels or demons as her servants. This also means that they have the abilities of a demon and angel to protect her with, giving their own lives regardless. This is enabled by a ring she keeps on her ring finger with a ying yang on it. This cannot be stolen from her or broken.

Object Summoning:

A simple yet useful ability for Raine. She is able to summon any object she wishes simply by saying its name, whether this be something such as a weapon, or something simple like a cup.

Astral Being:

This ability is bizarre for Raine. This gives her the power to contact the dead by coming out of her own body. However, this puts her in a momentary comatose, leaving her physically vulnerable, but be warned, her vectors and guardians are always present to defend her. This ability she can use to help people to contact dead loved ones, however she cannot bring them back permanently. Instead, she can force their astral being into the earthly plain for a maximum of 5 hours, however then they must return. This also means she has unlimited and unhindered access to hell, heaven and limbo.


This is the final ability Raine has. This is something that allows her to create a being that is an exact copy of another person, including their personality, looks and abilities. However, this person is summoned under Raine, and so once more, acts as her guardian. This gives Raine the title of the ‘Mistress of Summoning,’ being the best known summoner in history.

Sense Of Humour:

Raine is a gentle girl and has a normal sense of humour. She does not find dark, malicious things humorous and prefers to stick to gentle, light hearted jokes. She often looks down upon pranks, yet cannot help but find them rather amusing, yet out of politeness, will try not to laugh.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:

Raine has a good sense of self, par her autism. This is one of the reasons why she has such a high summoning ability. She is often focused on one thing such as a game, television show, or toy. It is extremely hard to distract her, even if she is being harmed, she does not seem to pay much attention, giving her a very calm demeanour.

Also, this means Raine has a very obvious sign of OCD. For her, things have to be orderly, arranged and neat. She does not like mess or disarrangement. Finally because of this mild autism, she is often awkward in social situations and tends to be very shy, blushing quite a lot and stammering in her words, yet this gives her a sense of likeability.

Her autism also gives her terrible emotion extremes. She will fly into violent temper tantrums were she can hurt herself or other people, but without realising she's doing it. To her relaxed upbringing, she cannot establish really what's right from wrong. She also finds it hard to understand others and why it is people will get angry with her.

Her emotions are to the extreme. She is easily saddened and will often burst into tears. Her happiness is extreme, her sadness, her guilt etc. Also she can do repetitive behaviour. If she becomes focused on clicking her fingers, she will do so for hours on end. Shouting does not work or discipline Raine as she simply does not understand.

However, this doesn't make Raine an unintelligent child. Infact, she's rather the opposite. Logically and in problem solving, if her mind is devotated to it, she will be able to solve it within seconds.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

History: To be done.

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Re: Raine-Damica Lowe

Post  Zoey on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:26 pm



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Re: Raine-Damica Lowe

Post  Jessica on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:06 pm

I found more of her pictures cos shes adorable.


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Re: Raine-Damica Lowe

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