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Post  Zoey on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:04 pm

Rory Lowe

Known Name:






5 stone.

Physical Description:

Rory looks completely unique, her eyes are a stunning vibrant red which glow naturally. She has a soft lightly tanned skin, giving her an exotic look to her. Her hair falls down a long her shoulders, and down to her waist, the colouration of her hair can not land down on one certain colour, her hair is a mixture of green, yellow and orange. In some lights it looks completely orange, in others it looks more yellow and orange.

Rory’s body build is slender and very undeveloped, a childlike face with large eyes. She has small rose lips which meld into her skin, making them not very visible. She has a set of top fangs, and bottom fangs, her canines being longer than an average human, giving her more of a supernatural look.

Her normal façade is a white plain dress, with no socks, she is always seen with a helmet on, a pair of goggles placed on the top of it. The helmet and goggles are a mucky brown which dampen the contrast of her hair.

Rory is a weird character, naturally attentive. A sort of person many find humorous. She tends to have a weird outburst every now and then and is slightly unpredictable, naturally being quiet and her words being quite limited she is mistaken for being slow and unintelligent, which is not correct, Rory tends to take everything in but has a naïve characteristic, she does not fear, because she is too young to understand and develop it properly.

Rory has a physiological problem, she finds its difficult to understand emotions and bases most of her actions on facts. She may hurt someone, and not understand why they are angry, because to her she thought she was being nice. This leaves her incredibly unpredictable. She has been described multiple times as a strange character, although she does not understand many emotions sometimes, she has a very precise judgement on who she wants to be her friends. She doesn’t state it, and simply doesn’t care if the person doesn’t want to be her friend, another thing she does not understand.
She has a calm eeriness at some points and can find amusement in such malice that would describe her as a bad child if they do not know of her, lets call it a disability.

Rory is also incredibly easy to startle, which triggers her Liquefaction ability, and causes her to fall into water.

Exterior Energy Abilities:

Defence Abilities:

This is a simple ability, she can make her self liquidize into a green substance, or to parts of her body.
Another simple ability, she is able to phase or the cells of her body disappear into a light mint mist, very hard to see in light, but a little more obvious in darkness.
She is able to also self-destruct her self painlessly, and reform later.
This gives her the ability to glow immensely in darkness, and at random times. She can use this to temporally blind someone.

As it states, she has the ability to crawl up any walls without gravity effecting her.

The ability to become an almost unstoppable force when running.

Play Dead:
She is able to stop all body functions, and force herself into rigor mortis, only to restart the body functions later.

Offensive Abilities.

Power Augmentation;
She is able to enhance or decrease the strength of someone’s power, she is able to make them drop to a human skill, or up to something extreme. This only works against magical/Exterior energy abilities.

Lion’s Roar:
She is able to admit a high pitched volume scream, which deafens anything but herself in a fourteen foot radius for a limited time.

Acid Saliva/Skin:
The ability to create an acidic saliva at will. She is immune to it, although anyone else is would burn instantly through the skin, clothes, and anything it touches, melting or burning it away.
She can also emit a acid that lays over her skin in a type of mist, which when touched will absorb into the other persons skin and begin to decay the body from inside out.

The ability to spin at incredible speeds and shatter through any material.

Trip Wire:
The ability to trip anyone just by stating ‘trip’ and looking at them.

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accepted :3

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