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Post  Adam on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:12 am

Name: Aro

Age: Very old, one of the oldest vampires still alive.

Race: Vampire

Date & Place Of Birth: Florence; Italy

Height, Weight & Physical Description:
Aro is a well built man, not the most musclular, yet he cannot be seen as fat; it is just toned enough to be in shape.
He has a slightly angular face, yet it is not replusivly so. His jaw is strong in shape, slightly prominant.
just above his small nose are his blue eyes, looking warm and friendly first, but behind them, there is a sense of pity, as if he thinks he is above everyone, and they should all bow to him.
This is all surrounded by his shoulder length jet black hair. It is pulled into place, and has a slight shine to it.

Clothing Description:
Aro is customarliy seen in a suit, pressed and straight, never with a crease or a speck of dust upon it.
The black trousers are straight and creased correctly, looking casual on him yet also so formal.
His customary dark blue shirt is buttoned up fully except for the top button, which is also left undone.
This is then surrounded by a black jacket, not padded out or full shoulders, just a blazer that tends to be fastened all the time.
He never tends to deviate from this kinda of look, always wanting to look formal and in control.

Behavioural Description:
Aro very much enjoys being in control, he was always a leader; never a follower. He enjoys having others bow down to his wishes, doing whatever he wishes.
A thing Aro hates the most however, is when he loses control over someone. This is why he started the Volturi. He wanted to be in control of an army...

Parents Names And Occupations:
Unknown, they both died centuries ago

Like all Vampires, Aro has a special trait. His trait is an advanced form of mind reading. By simply touching a person, he can learn all about their recent thoughts, and if he holds this connection, he learns all about this person; their past, tendencies, any and everything

Other Family Members:
Caius – Brother

Spouse or Lover:

Social Class:

Due to his trait, he knows everything he will ever need to know.

Ruling over people...
Establishing controls on them...
Hounding and trying to blackmail Jane...
Trying to kill Heidi

Sense Of Humour:

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:
Perfect HEalth

Sexual Orientation:

Attitude Towards Life: He see's life as something he can rule over.

Attitude Towards Death: He see's death as an ally rather than an enemy, since he has so many vampires killed.

Aro (Vampire) Volturi

Aro (Vampire) G711

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Post  Jessica on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:38 pm

waiting to be accepted.

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