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Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun ) Empty Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun )

Post  Adam on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:04 am

Name: Chandak Rendall

Age: 610

Race: Lycan

Auspice: Ahroun

Date & Place Of Birth: His exact date of birth isn't known and all that is known about where he was born is that it was in some sort of forest.

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Height:
(Human) 7 feet tall
(Lycan) 10 feet 6 inchs tall
Weight: (Human) 475 Pounds (33 stone)
(Lycan) 1232 Pounds (88 stone)
Title: Pack Leader (Red Talons)

Physical Description: Chandak has dark blue flowing hair that cover most of his eyes making them invisible to on lookers. When his eyes are visible they are a piercing shade of red which he inherited from his father. His jaw is relativley square with a strong look to it. He has a rather wide neck where several veins pop out when he gets really angry in his human form. He has very broad shoulders and extremely muscular arms. His torso bulges with the appearence of muscles and any shirt that he wears is stretched accross them very tightly. His legs are like that of tree trunks, very broad and muscular which allow him to run at exceptional speeds. Chandak stands at 7 feet tall in his human form, which towers over any normal sized man.

Clothing Description: He tends to wear a dark grey vest with loose pants which are easy to move in. He also wears a necklace of teeth around his neck, these teeth were taken from his fallen opponents which he felt were good enough to be honoured.

Behavioural Description: Chandak is a very cocky person and will tend to shoot his mouth off whenever possible, but unlike most people who do this, he isn't affraid to back it up. He will also defend his family whenever needs be even if he doesn't get along with them at the time, he see's it as "No one hurts them, but me." When confronted with someone stronger than him he still tends to act cocky but slightly less so because he knows he wont win the fight. He will still fight them if it comes down to it even though he knows he'll lose, he will not back down from a fight.

Parents Names And Occupations: He never knew his parents exactly, since he murdered them at the age of 10. He always despised them and never even bothered to remember their names nor their faces.

Abilities: As a Ahroun, Chandak doesn't have any magical abilities. So instead he will always use melee attacks. He is a very fast man for his size and has alot power to match.

Other Family Members: His cousin Angelus and thus Angelus's children.

Spouse or Lover: He is single

Social Class: Middle

Education: He is very street smart and has learned alot from his years. He uses his knowledge of experience rather than anything else.

Job Related Skills: He used to work as a guard for a number of nobles because of his intense sign and intimidating frame.

Hobbies: He likes to rub people up the wrong way and entertain himself when they fight back.

Personal Qualities: No one really tends to like him since he doesn't really like anyone else..

Sense Of Humour: He has a sick sense of humour and will take pleasure in other peoples suffering.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities: He is perfectly healthy.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Attitude Towards Life: He loves life as long as he can make it difficult for others.

Attitude Towards Death: He likes to make other people face it.

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Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun ) Empty Re: Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun )

Post  Jessica on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:47 pm

accepted. (Y)

can you write up the Red Talons and how he came to aquire them please?


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Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun ) Empty Re: Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun )

Post  Zoey on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:15 am

Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun ) Chanda10



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Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun ) Empty Re: Chandak Rendall (Lycan - Ahroun )

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