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Name: Fauna Kudo

Species: Lycan

Age: 15

Known Relatives: Mother: Nana Kudo, Lycan Father: Daiki Kudo, Lycan

Date and place of birth: 27/03/95 at the temple of Crimson Rain Forest.

Physical Description: Fauna is a petit girl with crimson eyes, dark hair that hides most of her face and carries a deep, long scar that runs down her left eye. Depsite this though, her face is young and childish. Fauna has a thin, agile build which is perfect for dodging oncoming attacks. She wears a green and grey shirt along with dark, baggy jeans and a sword tied to her belt. Her wolf-form can differ in size (see abilities)and is has the coat of a speckled gray wolf. She has the same, burning crimson eyes.

Personality: Some people would say her heart is “too pure” for Fauna always puts her friends first. She doesn’t tend to care about her own health and will always be happy enough to care for her friends first. Fauna lives within the forests of Crimson Rain and will welcome any visitors who enter her home. She is willing to place her life in front of others and will lay down her life to protect the people she loves. She never sees death as a first option but will always stop to think about what is right for everyone and not just herself. She believes willing in the ghosts of her previous followers (see history) and believes they will lend her their strength and energy in order to fight through a battle.

Abilities: As well as carrying keen senses and advanced strength, Fauna carries the elements of earth and air. She also carries healing abilities (although these can only be used in her wolf-form) and is known to take injury more than humans are able to. When changing to her wolf-form, Fauna is able to 'alter' her wolf's height and weight from the height of a fox to the hieght of a pony. When Fauna wishes to turn into a wolf at fox-height, she can appear herself as nothing more than a stray dog, which is excellent to use against lycan hunters or slayers. However, despite the fact that she can alter the height and weight, Fauna can not alter her fur colour, eye colour or the shape of tail, legs, ears etc.

Weaknesses: Wolves are usually afraid of fire and Fauna will stay away from flames of any size. Despite having the element of air as an ability, enemies can use air to easily confuse her when searching her opponent. Out of all of her senses Fauna depends on scent the most as her sight isnt actually that reliable, thanks to the scar down her left eye.

Weapon Preferences/Equipment: Fauna is most likely to use the elements or either earth or air as a defense or attack but carries a sword wherever she goes. She is also equiped with a black shoulder bag that hangs low at the knees, containing various items such as food and a small journal with a brown front and back cover. She writes many poems within this as well as stories, music and notes.

History: Fauna's parents were kidnapped by the ancient clan of vampires and were tortured for entertainment. While Fauna was also captured, instead she was cruely brought up as nothing more than a pet dog. This made her lonely, unhappy and gave her no purpose in life. Eventually, Fauna's parents were executed and Fauna had the oppotunity to escape when a rivalry lycan tribe started a battle towards the vampires. The vampires were victorious but with so little members of the clan left - they named their forests, the den and the temple "Crimson Rain" to remind people that the woodland plains were once a harsh, evil place only fit enough for the strongest to survive within. This all changed however because after the escape, Fauna had entrusted 4 friends to bring Crimson Rain back to life. With this, they started a new clan of many races so that any species can live in harmony.
But – soon after the reopening of a new, raging animal clan a massive war had broke out against another, powerful clan which was also of many species. Few survived and out of this, and learnt nothing from it. The forest now remains a lonely, desserted place where only the brave choose to enter. Stories have been told that the forest often carries the souls and spirits of the dead warriors who loan in what remains of their home. The Crimson Rain clan was ran by 5 leaders and after the bloody battle only 2 had survived. This was Fauna and Yhune, the youngest of the leaders and from it all - they had vowed to each other that along with the help of many close friends, the forest will regain power and will form a new clan.


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