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Zero le Petité Titan Empty Zero le Petité Titan

Post  Danny on Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:02 pm

Name: Zero Myra

Nickname: Zero le Petité Titan ( Zero the Small Titan ).

Age: 15

Race: Lycan

Height: 6''4ft

Weight: Humid: 15 stone. Lupus: 6 stone.

Crinos: 24 stone Hispo: 9 stone.

Glabro: 23 stone

Peronality: Zero has a pretty laid back, easy going personality but is headstrong when he needs to be. Even in his Hispo form he's still a fun-loving big dog without a care in the world. In his lupus form, like any other he seems the same, but alittle more like an adult with a hard face to match. Zero has no control in his Crinos form but doesn't actually seem to care about it. ( More added at a later date ).

Origin: Unknown

Posessions: A medium sized diamond necklace.

Weapons: Two claymores ( often used in his Glabro form ).

Physical Apperance: Zero has a well built body, making him look slightly older, but a slightly childish face.

Apperance: Zero wears a long, black trench-coat which reaches down to his ankles along with some heavy boots, a bare chest and blue baggy jeans.

History: Zero grew up as an average - human boy. His father died at an unusually
young age which puzzled Zero. His mother never spoke about it. Zero was left by his father a big, diamond necklace which his grandfather had handed-down to his father, to remember him by - or so Zero assumed.
Four years had passed and Zero was nine now, and had become to grow at too fast a rate. Zero kept trying to persuade his mother to take him to the doctors, but for some perculiar reason - she would not. After another year, Zero knew the truth, the whole truth, like the fact of the 'diamond' necklace actually being vampire skin which Zero's great grandfathers had found makes the transformations faster but they only passed it down once the father of the child was dead, to keep the familys name alive. To his mothers suprise, he was over-whelmed with joy at his 'cool' new abilites.

Two years later, Zero had become a cocky on-coming teenager whom picked fights with too many people, using his Glabro form to beat the other human children - they never seeme to catch on which amused Zero, it made him feel unique to everyone in his village. Zero favoured his glabro form and used it more often than the others, never feeling lonely. Till one year later. His mother told him he had to leave, the villagers had become very angry with him - he was a bully. This upset him, and he took off after smashing a few houses of his 'worst nemesis'.
Quickly, Zero found out he wasnt the only lycan, and not the only unique creature. He got beaten up quite a bit - but it only made him even more stronger. He quickly gained names for himself, but he favoured 'Zero le Petité Titan'. Zero was getting stronger everyday and was mastering his forms. Zero now lives in Torwell town in a small abandoned shack. ( I'll add more later. ).


Homid Form:
Zero le Petité Titan 9251

( No Image as of yet ).

]Zero le Petité Titan __Werewolf___

]Zero le Petité Titan Werewolf_by_Ginasa

Zero le Petité Titan Font

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Zero le Petité Titan Empty Re: Zero le Petité Titan

Post  Zoey on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:44 pm


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