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Post  Chloaii_Chaotic on Mon May 16, 2011 11:15 am

First Name, Jinn...
Second Name, Unknown.
Age, 23
Race, Half blood Demon...
Date & Place of birth, 13/3/1988 Miami, FL USA.

Height/weight/physical description,
He's pretty tall about 6'6ft and he weighs in about 14 stone. Jinn has quite muscley, solid build but still remains quite slender.

Jinn is quite the pretty boy he has a strong structure in his face& always has a smug look on his face. Jinn has one blue eye and one red due to his half demonic form, and mid-length black hair that's always styled slightly different. He has a very pastel pale skin tone and a flawless complection.

When he was about 15, Jinn got a tattoo on his ribs saying "Love will be the death of me" He also has 2 more, one on his wrist saying "Love" &lipstick kiss mark on his lower stomach. Also, Jinn has a small birth mark on his hip in the shape of a broken heart.

clothing description,
Jinn has quite a good sense of style and even though he always says he just grabbed something outta his wardrobe he always looks dressed for something special, his most popular choice at the moment is any pair of skinny jeans a t-shirt&His trust grey blazer&He only wears clothes if they go with his converse.. If not, sorry... Jinn also tends to accessorize with most of his fashion choices... Generally with a scarf,a hat&A pocket scarf or a nice pair of sunglasses, depending on the weather.

behavioural description,
Jinn is quite the gentleman and definitely has a way with the ladies, although he has a sick sense of humor that tends to be sadistic or masochistic, killing people and animals has gotten so easy for him that now he does if for the laughs. Jinn can seem trustworthy but can be deceitful if he doesn't trust the person in return, has a totally fucked up imagination, he can be smart but lacks common sense sometimes, he's confident and loves to sing, thinks singing makes the gods happy, has abandonment issues so seeks love from everyone/thing.

Parents names and occupations,

Jinn's abilities suit his personality perfectly, his main one is mood manipulation, Jinn feels lonely a lot, so he seeks happiness in the "company" of others.. He uses his ability's if he is too down to use his natural charm.

Jinn can also transfer his thoughts to other people's minds, people that don't know of Jinn's power dont always know that the thought has been placed their.

Other family members*,
He has no living family member's to his knowledge, but who' knows.. He might find his long lost father.

Spouse or lover*,

Social class*,
High class, he owns a company that sells cars and has a lot of maney&a high social class.

Got into college after his highly regarded friend Samahue wrote him a letter of recommendation, he studied for 3 years.. Then graduated with straight A's.

Getting laid, fighting random people... Same old same old.

Sense of humour*,
Extremely sick, but he can hold it in so he still seems like a gentleman.


Sexual orientation,
Pansexual, his motto is "Any hole's a goal" ;D

Brought himself up since the age of 5 when he, accidently, killed her... He said to her "Why are you here? I wish you weren't I wish I never had to set eyes on such a whore." And that right infront of his eyes his mother took the meat knife and slit her wrists so deep that she lost complete feeling in the hands, then bled to death as Jinn just sat, intrigued& watched her. This is when he discovered his power of mood manipulation.

Jinn has been in and out of the trafficing&Drug industries but got left a business from his friend&tutor, Samahue Kaira, after he had graduated college.. Samahue Kaira died 3 months later.
Jinn went on a path of his own, to try discover who killed his friend, his brother... &Finally after 5 years of training and many lives lost at his hands, He's gone to avenge Samahue's death once and for all, by coming after the assassin that was hired, now all to do is find the right one.

Profile for Jinn. Jinn_e12

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