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Post  Jessica on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:41 pm

Saeko. Goes by nothing else, nothing more. Her birth name isn’t known either. It is pronounced ‘psycho.’

Unknown. As her face cannot be seen, only her body is used to guess her age, which appears roughly to be 18-21.

Once more, this is unknown. She is something completely new, something unique and unseen.

Date & Place Of Birth:

Does it matter?

Height, Weight & Physical Description:

Saeko is a woman of a tall stature. She stands at 5”11. Her body is slender, well defined and muscled, giving her quite a boyish figure from the back with heavy clothes on, but when you move to her front, you see of course, that this is infact a young woman. Her skin tone is a gentle peach colour that is stretched over her skin, showing off her well toned body.

From her neck downwards, no imperfections can be seen, such as scars, marks or tattoos. However, no one knows what her face looks like. It is always concealed under one of two masks. One is mostly black, with two large red circular shapes where her cheek bones are presumed. The other is white with a large black cross in the middle. It is unknown really why she wears these, and what they provide for her.

The only facial features that can be seen of this woman is her eyes. A wolf is the best way to describe her. Her eyes are gleaming gold, with numerous black rings throughout. Her very appearance radiates untamed and wild. Her hair is another noticeable feature.

At the crown, it is extremely spiked and short cut, layers flying off left and right. It is always in a disarray around her that suits her excellently. However at the back of her head, the rest of her hair is tied into a thin black ribbon. Her hair flows right down to the back of her calves in a thick brunette colour, with caramel highlights, or so the sun has bleached it.

Clothing Description:

Saeko’s clothing differs from day to day, the weather, her mood and so on. Her favourite outfits usually consist however of no shirt, instead just a bra like top underneath which are usually dark colours. Over this, she wears a thick coat with a fur trim along the top, and a pair of cargo pants, letting her move around much more easily. She does not wear shoes or socks, and prefers to walk around as she is.

Another of her favourite outfits is simply clad. A black hooded jumper down to her waist, and a pair of skin tight jeans, again with no shoes or socks. With this outfit, she is usually seen with a large sword strapped to her back and guns either side of her belt on her waist. She usually also always wears fingerless leather gloves on her hands.

Behavioural Description:

Saeko is completely and utterly mentally unstable. Unlike Chance Valdez however, her sanity and insanity do not waver. She is literally insane. Despite this, she isn’t a typical ‘in your face’ psycho. She is more reserved and her very presence demands authority and respect.

She is a woman of very little words, and never really see’s the need to speak much to other people, but does when necessary. Surprisingly, her voice is soothingly calm and relaxing, and people can feel easy in her presence, even with such an appearance as hers. She is calm and composed the majority of the time, leading to her deceitful trait.

Now to be realistic and show her psychopathic behaviour.

Despite Saeko appearing calm and gentle in her normal composure, she does not think like a normal person. She is deficient of many human emotions, making her anything but. She lacks in many areas such as interpersonal relationships, emotions and self control.

She gains satisfaction from anti-social behaviour and does not experience shame, guilt or remorse for her actions. She accepts that she is indeed a psychopath and cannot be changed physically or mentally. Her mental state forces her to blame her actions on other people and that is her reasoning for it. Either this, or she simply denies it outright.

She also holds a lack of empathy towards others in general, resulting it tactlessness and insensitivity, however she does tell the truth and the blunt truth. Despite all of this, she has an undeniable superficial charm about her, enabled by a willingness without concern.

In her own words, she simply describes her behaviour as; ‘I’m missing things and what is missing, in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony. I am not harmonious. I am your own selfish tendencies. Let me express them for you.’

Parents Names And Occupations:

Unknown. Some believe Saeko doesn’t have parents. Some believe her very existence is an urban myth.


Lupus Albus -
Lupus Albus, translating literally into ‘White wolf’ is one of Saekos main, and primary abilities. She is a being of unnatural spiritual energy. So much so infact, she is able to split it to form a full wolf pack of up to 18 made purely out of her energy. These wolves are ravenous and are bound completely under her will. They act as her ultimate defence. These wolves are all pure white, par her main wolf, which is a jet black colouration. This one wolf stays by her sides at all times in a solid form, whilst the others are solid, however can pass through solid objects at the same time. If you are bitten by these wolves, they begin to drain your energy the very minute their teeth enter your flesh. All this energy then transports back to Saeko, fuelling her further. Once destroyed however, they also reform indefinitely. Again, this is her ultimate defence.

Hand to Hand -
Saeko is a master in all types of combat. Her body is able to move at incredible speeds and her strength is undeniable. She is surpass able in strength of that of Alec Q’Son and beyond. Her fighting style is unique and makes the most of her flexibility and agile body, but also proves her viciousness and lack of self control. She has been known to literally tear victims limbs off their bodies, just with her hands. She is most definitely a deadly opponent.

Fire & Lightning -
Saeko is the only being known to surpass the woman ‘Lightning’ in her terms of lightning and electrical use. Unlike the former Lightning, she is able to have the current around her at all times without it making a single noise, or without it being visible. She is also able to create actual lightning bolts from the sky in numerous shots, instead of the usual one, showing her energy exceeds Lightnings tremendously. Her use of Fire also is beyond natural. She prefers her lightning however, but her fire is able to go up to Hell Fire standards. She is incredibly dangerous.

Morphing -
You had to have seen this coming. Saeko is able to morph her body into a large hazelnut coloured wolf, with white and black markings, and the most glimmering golden eyes. In this form, she is noticeably much bigger than normal wolves, and bigger so than the usual Lycan. However, she isn’t usually seen in this form, as when she reforms, her mask isn’t on her face.

Mind Of Purity -
Saeko is invulnerable to anything to do with the mind. Be this mind manipulation, reading, absolutely anything. Why? Because her mental state is not readable, not able to be manipulated. Her mind is unique in every way, shape or form. This leaves her completely unpredictable.

Wall Crawling -
Saeko is able to move her body in such a way, that allows her to literal defy gravity. She is able to walk up walls and ceilings, and simply stay in any position she so wishes without falling or being knocked from it. Almost as if her body is glued there. This gives her an ultimate advantage over many of her opponents.

Saeko is rumoured to have many more abilities, but none of these have been noted or seen. [Basically she has more but ceebs writing them up yet. I won’t use anything I haven’t written.]

Other Family Members:
Unknown, unheard of.

Spouse or Lover:

Don’t be silly.

Social Class:




Sense Of Humour:
She has her own sense of humour to say the least.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:
She's a pyschopath.

Sexual Orientation:


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Accepted. :3


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