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Names: Jane.
Age: Old
Race: Vampire
Trait: Telekinesis

Jane is Slim, curvaceous, and was naturally beautiful before becoming a vampire.
Her vampiric blood has made her even more so; her once rosy skin turned the pale, ghostly white.
Her eyes, originally a chocolate brown, are now a deep crimson, enhanced and made more noticeable by her pale skin.
Jane's Hair Is a pure black, though undertone by white, a stark contrast that she did not achieve through dyes.
Though Jane looks slim and not very muscular, this is a deception. Jane is able to lift great weights and has enough strength to kill easy enough.
As per usual, Jane Is Clad in a dark top, normally tight to her body to halt restrictions, and for contrast, light trousers, again tight to her body. Both normally showing off her figure, meant for a distraction and also deception to her limits.

Jane is not known to carry weapons very often, instead choosing to rely on her ability. This does not mean that she is not skilled with a weapon, or hand ot hand combat.
She is able to use her speed and strength to her advantage, landing powerful hits here and there creating effective damage.

For Centuries now, Jane has been with the Volturi Guard, For Decades Aro's Favourite.
She has detached herself from emotion, normally looking permanently bored, or annoyed.
She rarely smiles, or gives any true intentions away.
Having a quick fire temper, and being full of pride, she is not someone to annoy...
Speed strength and senses:

Jane at first, could only ever move things, create barriers, etc with her mind.
Though now, thanks to her DemiGod wish, the girl is now an adept mind worker. She can directly work her way into people’s minds, unnoticed, and read them, influence thoughts, and even begin to manipulate them.
However, nobody knows of this ability, not even Aro.

Jane, before joining the Volturi, was compassionate and thoughtful towards others.
She respected all life, and when she fed, she did it with consideration to her victim.
Then, by mistakenly flaunting her powers in front of other vampires, she became the attention of the Volturi.
Aro himself met her, speaking of power, riches, and a family to guard and protect her.
Agreeing to join, Jane found she enjoyed the Volturi life, long before it became corrupt.
It was in the Volturi she met Otori. The pair became lovers, inseparable and partners.
Then The Volturi began to change.
Aro began seeking more and more power, his brother Caius just sitting back and allowing him his way.
Otori didn't like how the Volturi changed, and wanted to leave; and wanted to take Jane with him.
But Jane had been taken into Aro's plan. she had been promised power beyond anything she could have, ultimate riches, and the best protection provided.
So, trying to save her from her fate, Otori did something terrible and heartbreaking to Jane.
Hurt beyond Belief, Jane turned further from Otori, and lost trust for all others.
She became cold, and withdrawn, suppressing every emotion.
Otori, unable to stand the hurt within Jane's head, Ran.
Heidi Phoenix then came to the Volturi, and that made Jane worse...
She became a cold blooded killer in an attempt to impress Aro. Became a Monster.

As the Volturi began to crumble, Scarlet offered Jane a chance she could not refuse.
Friendship. The girl left, allowing herself to join others, becoming close only to Scarlet and Otori, before spoiling it for herself by kissing Otori.
The irl left, disappearing from attention for a while before she reappeared; with vengeance and revenge in mind.
She hated Aro. All she spoke of was killing him, all she wanted to do, was destroy him.
However, when it failed, she disappeared again.
In her absence, the Volturi was rebuilt, and that was her downfall. She came back to see if it was true, and walked into an ambush.
Aikro, Aro’s new pawn, suppressed her powers, and the girl was taken captive.
Aro offered her a place with him again, and with no other option, Jane took it.

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