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Aiden Mikko

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Name: Aiden
Race: The True Abhorsen
Age: Unknown

Family: Dead.
Spouse/Lover: None.


Aiden is a tall man, standing at a height of 6''5 exactly. His body is toned from years of work, not looking incredibly powerful or intimidating yet this is a false belief. Aiden has been battling various people, Dead or alive, over his many years, giving him a solid and sturdy build.

He still has a boyish face, though there is a hard set to his jaw from time to time. He rarely has stubble, though when he does it is a light blonde, and therefore not obvious to see straight away.
This matches his long blonde hair, loose and fine in appearance.

His eyes, not that they are able to be seen, are unnatural and somewhat scary. His right eye often changes colour and shape. It flicks between a red eyeball and a black eyeball, with the opposite in strange and somewhat hypnotic markings.
The skin and tissue around this eye is horribly disfigured, various burn marks, slash marks, and also other forms of painfully injury have been inflicted as people tried to burn away what they believed to be a cursed eye.
His left eye however, has only been seen by three people ever, and they will not be able to say what they saw. The eyeball itself is a deep crimson, the colour of blood, with no pupil. A black mark twists around what should be an iris, while an empty red hole is where his pupil should be.

Clothing Description:

Aiden scorns wearing a shirt, and never does. His torso remains bare, save for the intricate patterns of tattoo's twisting over his shoulders, across his chest, and down his arms and back.
They are tribal in design, though people have often commented on how they move and twist, which is not exaggeration. The markings are alive, and the writhe and coil over his skin as Aiden sees fit.

Although he declines wearing any form of shirt, Aiden will often wear what basically looks like a collar with a hood attached.
He sometimes wears a plain black jacket, no zips or buttons to fasten it, and always open.

Around his eyes are thick white bandages, although they are imbued with charter marks to allow his perfect vision to show.
However, over his face, Aiden often wears a bear mask. There are no eye holes, nor doe there appear to be a place that he can breathe through, but this mask is incredibly special.
It stretches down his face, and some of his neck. It seems to be part of his very flesh, and is impossible to remove unless he actually wishes it.


Aiden is now the wielder of the Original Abhorsen's blade.
This blade is immune to rust, dirt and blunting. It will never break, and can never be shattered or damaged.
This blade is imbued with the most powerful marks possible, sent down by the Bright Shiner. They will destroy all Dead, be they spirit or flesh. This extends to reanimated corpses, and anything that is Dead.

His Bells too, strapped across his chest in a black leather bandoleer, are a dangerous weapon and also the original Bells given to Terciel by the Bright Shiner. They will work on any Dead without any form of hindrance, and they will work on all beings also. These bells however, are so powerful that their influence will not just be disrupted by blocking your ears or trying to drown out the chords with your voice. It will slow the effects, but eventually they will force themselves into your ears to work their charms on your mind.

Aiden is also an incredible adept at the Charter. There is literally no other with his skill. He can create solid objects out of the charter, such as his Hood, his Bear mask, and anything else he sees fit. These are literally like something made, however he can destroy them or change them as he sees fit.


Senses, Speed and Strength:
Aiden originally only had your basic human Senses Speed and strength; however he has advanced himself incredibly with charter marks, to bring his speed up to a speed seen in very few creatures in Pangea, which is very like teleporting. He literally looks like his disappears from one space to appear in another. He can of course control his speed to run at a flit, or to phase like an Arrancar.
His strength is also unmatched by many, but he has never shown this to his full potential.
His senses are known to be very keen, but just how keen is a mystery.

Charter Marks:
As said above, Aiden is literally the most adept person to wield the charter.
He can do virtually anything, including make solid things from thin air.
This can stretch to creating illusions of living creatures. However, it is incredibly hard on him to keep this up.

Free Magic:
Aiden can control the force known as Free Magic, which the rest of the world believes as 'energy' that is drawn from themselves or things around them. Aiden however, knows better, and draws directly on the universe should he need to.

Of course, Aiden is a Necromancer. He has complete control over the dead now, and none may ignore his summons and his binding.
He can walk into Death and bring back creatures from the 8th precinct, the most powerful dead spirits imaginable. They bend to his will without any hesitation, as do all animated corpses.

Over Aiden's body are multiple tattoo's, and within them are infinite readymade Charter spells.
They are the reason for his heightened being, how he is immune to the sound of his own bells, etc.
He can touch them and draw on the spells within.
The most noticeable or known of these marks are of course, across his upper torso.
He has however a small mark hidden behind his left ear, that is the 'code' for his Bear mask.

Most recent history:

o Aiden sought to join Iris Command. Callie is still reserving judgement on the matter.
o Aiden kills Raeli to take her status as the true Abhorsen. The way he has done this is not known.

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