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Age: Unknown.
Height: 7.2
Race: Saiyan
Family: Deceased
Spouse/Lover: Deceased.


Anyone who looks at Richard, cannot help but deny there is something about him.
Well defined features, strong and sturdy, he is someone who sticks in your mind.
His youthful face is smooth, no stubble ever seen which gives people the impression he can't grow any.
It is however, covered in various piercings. Three spikes through the bridge of his nose, two curved spiked protruding form under his lower lip, silver rings set regularly from the top of his ear down to the bottom, along with scaffolding bars. When he was in a relationship with 3, it was known that she could manipulate the piercings she made, and her energy still lingers in them today.
His eyes are a vicious red in colour, orange flecks at random spots in his iris, giving him a demonic gaze.
This can be coupled by his fire like ginger hair.
A vivid, blood like red at the base, it seems to lighten to a bright orange at the ends of his long and somewhat shaggy hair.

His body is well proportioned, upper torso muscular and strong. Each muscle is carefully toned and worked, each more powerful than they look.
However, Richard's upper body is forever encased in a starched white straight jacket. His arms are bound tightly to his sides, the clasps done up his back at an angle, making it impossibly for him to remove them alone; except for his tail.
As a Saiyan, Richard has a long monkey tail extending from the base of his spine. Unlike the typical brown of a Saiyan's tail, Richard's is as bright a red as his hair.

Across his lower abdomen, Richard has a bloody crimson colour tattoo stretching from his lower abs to below his trouser line, stopping just above his groin.
The tattoo is tribal in design, intricate curves and spikes flaring out to his hips in a perfectly symmetrical pattern.

Richard is insane. There is no other way to describe him.
His mind is made up of various broken thoughts, jumbled meanings, and many personalities.
Each personality wants to control the body, but not all of them know why.
Know ones, for definite are:
- An unthinking beast. It reacts on impulse only, its only forms of communication being grunts, snarls and growls.
- A childlike boy. Lost, confused, scared. Has the ability to speak.
- A thinking mute. able to understand thigns aorund him, but unable to speak.
- Richard's original personality. Calm, somewhat nervous, relitivly easy going.
- 3's creation. Cold, aloof, calculatory. Everything 3 was, and more.
This are not his only personalities, but they are the ones known to manifest themselves most frequently.


Richard carries one weapon, but in an unexpected form.
A heavy maroon ring, set at the base of his tail.
This, unknown to virtually everyone, is the Aguile weapon. Everyone to touch it experiences crippling pain. Including the wielder.
Placing it on the base of his tail, Richard inflicts himself to unbearable agony every day of his life. He has however, become toughened by this, and no longer reacts to the pain that cripples to many.
The ring is able to transform if Richard wishes it, but only two of his personalities know what it is, and they never care to wield it as the deadly weapon it it.


Richard is able to hit blurring speeds incredibly easily; the same speed as a vampire.
His strenght is phenominal, brutish even. Although he doesn't look it, Richard's strength surpasses most people. The only ones who cuold match him at this level would possibly be Graivty, Alec etc. (The rest of the family with super human strength)
His senses are also above human standards.

Like all Saiyans, Richard may fly without the use of wings. The way this ability works is unknown, except for the fact he is incredibly fast in the air, unmatched even.

Again, another racial trait. Saiyans have an incredibly fast metabolism, and healing rate.
Wounds can heal in a matter of minutes or hourrs, depending of the severity of them. Of course, he cannot heal from decapitation, a stab through the heart or brain, or anything similar.
However, if the wound is life threatening, so long as he can be kept alive for the amount of time, he will heal.

Warriors Virtue:
Richard is a warrior at heart. His whole race is. They are blood thirsty, and lust
for strong opponants and battles.
He however, just controls this battlerage, enough to not see someone and attempt to kill them; made easier by the multitude of minds in his.
But, should he battle to kill, his blood very literally begins to boil. His Saiyan genes take over, and he becomes a slave to his instincts.
Unknown to most people however, Saiyan's, when they kill, grow stronger.
Literally, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", works for them.

Richard has a phenominally high store of energy; surpassing every Saiyan and alot of other beings.
However, he rarely uses it; he either doesn't know how, doesn't know he can, or just doesn't. There are only a few of his personalities that realise he has energy, and even less that care.

Great Ape:
Like every Saiyan, Richard has the ability to turn into a giant were-ape. The power of his ape, again, surpasses that of all other Saiyans. His strength doubles, putting him on par with Gravity (etc) when they are actually trying.
His height reaches that of 25ft, fur a murky red, and eyes solidly crimson in colour.

Golden Ape:
Richard is one of the few - and incredibly deadly - Golden apes.
When in this form, Richard truly becomes a savage beast. His strength becomes unmatched in all of Pangea; literally becoming strong enough to destroy the world.
His reddish fur changes to an unnatural and incredibly intense golden; glowing nearly with pristine shine.
His height increases an extra 30 feet, standing him at 55ft.
He is the first Saiyan outside the Warrior Elite to ever become a Golden ape, and is the reason that most of his race is dead.
He used it once, and destroyed the majority of his race and their land.

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