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Post  Danny on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:41 pm

Name: Lufus Kane

Age: 16

Race: Vampire

Date & Place Of Birth: Runrus Hospital

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Lufus is around 6''1 waying around 171 pounds with a generally simple frame of body with oddly more muscular arms and legs. His face is a pale white with bright blue eyes. His hair is a rough, shortly cropped ( dyed ) blue. He has a foot size of ten.

Clothing Description: Lufus does not care much for his clothes after he was blooded, after walking alone so long it became shabby and he became lazy in his choices. He regularly wears a short sleeved plain black shirt which is pretty tight around his arms but not so much around his waist. The bottom half of him is covered with plain jeans with bare feet.

Parents Names And Occupations: Lufus doesn't really speak of his parents, he doesn't see the need.

Abilities: Lufus has the simple abilities of all other vampires and like newly blooded vampires is a little stronger than full fledged vampires, although lacks alot in experience, not having a proper mentor. Lufus does not have a trait as of yet but enjoys his other abilities.

Other Family Members: None

Spouse or Lover: None

Social Class: None

Education: Lufus was an A star pupil back in his 'school' and was well respected by his teachers until he was blooded which cut his education short.

Hobbies: Writing

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities: Lufus is in quite a good physical state and used to suffer from asma until he was blooded and made a vampire and is now uneffected.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

History: ( Write it up later )

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Post  Jessica on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:42 pm


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