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TsAko Manor Defences and Description Empty TsAko Manor Defences and Description

Post  Jai on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:39 am

[Would still like this accepted so it's not called Godmod, if that's ok. o.o]

[Description to be done later,]


The main defence TsAko manor has, is its ability to be totally impenitrable in any way except physical.
This means that the only way to enter the manor is to literally walk in from the Garden.
You cannot teleport into any of the rooms or the forst, but you can teleport into the Garden entrance. These also extends to shadow manipulation; you cannot use the shadows to appear within the manor. This rule seems to be excempt from Keri and her Tribal Rites Master; currently Zeyda, yet the pair cannot bodily appear in the manor, but Keri is known to be able to place things in there and also remove things.

These cloaking device as it were was placed years ago, Keri saught out various magical beings of different races, about 20 in all, and had them all cast the same spell; of course because she helped cast it, this is why she is excempt from the rule.
The change is irreversable, and extends also to objects within the manor.
Nobody can remove things or place them without bodily doing it (excludes Keri...)

This is the only real defence, although the Manor is currenlty flying at 90.00000000000ft in the air, surrported on air current directed by the Theurge memebers of her Tribe.
Also, Guarding the Manor entrance perminatly will always be a pair of Garou, looking like mini Thomas's in their bulks.
They change shifts so they are never tired, always alert and definatly powerful bodily; though not always magically.

[possibly to be expanded on, this is just a basic template. I forget what Keri's doen over the years.]

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