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Post  clareyy on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:21 pm

Name: Angeline Tarazi
Age: 16 [In Appearance]
Race: Vampire
Partner: Lizael Faust

Family: Sofia Tarazi [Younger Sister]
Jacque Tarazi [Older Brother]
Personality: Angeline is very family and friend orientated, with no bias towards one particular race. She is often willing to help anyone out with any problems or issues they might face. Her impatience and vanity are her two downfalls which can give her a short fuse with certain people.

Weapons: One of the violet tethers (The other being owned by Lizael) & A double barrelled shot gun.
Powers: As a vampire she was able to have one trait, hers being the ability to imagine something and this to then become a reality. However, after becoming joined with Lizael Faust she is now able to use his energy & also any of his powers as her own. He is also able to use her power how and when he pleases.
Clothing: It is easy to spot her, as she will usually be some kind of dress either long or short. She is also known to wear a small gold mask to just cover the top of her face when she wishes.
Appearance: [Shown Below]
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