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Jin Kutona

Less Than A Year

Age Appearance:
21 Years


6 Feet 3 Inches

15 stone


Jin is a fairly tall being standing at the height of 6 Feet and 3 Inches. His body is also a fair build to match, not too broad at the shoulders but yet not extremely skinny either. The excess weight he gains is from the muscle development that he has. As stated before he is not huge, but is rathermore toned in appearance. It gives the appeal that Jin cares an extreme amount for his body, keeping it at it's very peak. This body also contains a fair amount of tattoo's, although all of them resembling the same black picture for the Kutona family's symbol. These tattoo's are located on the left shoulder, the right forearm and the right hand side of his neck, just next to his throat. He has a slightly tanned appearance in skin colour.

Jin has a fairly youthful face, which seems to be clean shaven. He has a strong and prominent jawline, very masculine in appearance. His nose and mouth are also reasonably thin, both matching the slightly tanned skin colour that he has. His eyes are pretty small and angular, although they are emerald green in colour, just like some of his family. They seem very deep in colour, often misguiding people into thinking he is in a mode of thought. His eyebrows are angular, peaking up at a certain point before dropping back down. This gives him a mean appearance, often striking people into thinking he's evil. His hair and eyebrows are both jet black. The hair however is swept back into a point behind his head, almost gravity defying whilst his fringe seems to be split apart with only few strands of hair pointing forwards before arching down.

Jin's primary outfit shows that of a sophisticated young businessman. He likes to wear formal clothing, especially in the colour of black. So he often is found wearing a pair of black suit trousers, plain in pattern rather than pinstriped that seem to have just the right fit for his body. On his feet he has miraculously shining and sparkling shoes, black in colour but with a reflection that could be used as a perfect mirror. His top too is black, and buttoned up at the front with black fastenings. He wears this without a tie and has the sleeves cuffed so that they do not slide up his arm. His collar is bent down on the shirt. Over this he wears a shiny leather jacket, that seems to flow down to just above knee height. He wears it open fashioned so that he has fluidity of movement. The collar on his jacket, unlike that of his shirt is pushed up to give him a more forboding and aggressive look.

Jin's secondary outfit suits that much more of a fighter rather than a business man. He wears no top with this outfit so that it shows off the muscle and does not get in the way of his movements. His trousers are primarily black in colour, with an elastic waistband to keep them from falling down. The trousers themselves are flared out at the bottom to give him room to move about without any form of inhibition. They have a pattern of flames on them, on the right leg the flames go all the way around the leg whereas on the left leg the flames only go up on the outside of the trousers. The flames are coloured white with a gold trim around them, giving it a personally styled look. He does not wear shoes on his feet, instead he tends to walk around using just a specialised wrap with pads on the top of his feet. Although the pads are not soft they purpose to protect his feet when defending against oncoming flows. The wrap is elasticated and primarily black in colour, although the pad ontop is white. On his hands Jin seems to wear gloves. These gloves end most of the way up the forearm nearing the elbow. His left hand glove is primarily red, whereas the right hand glove is primarily black. The gloves both have white pads on the back, although like with the feet they are not soft and serve the purpose of protecting him from incoming blows when he defends himself.


Mind Reading: Jin has the ability to read minds unintentionally. This ability allows him to hear peoples thoughts as if they were speaking aloud. By doing this he is able to know their next move, removing the suprise attack from any foe. He is conscious of everyone around him therefore, whether or not he can see them. He is also allowed to impose his mind on others, dependant on whether they fight back to it or not for how successful it is.

Stonegaze/Stonetouch: Jin has the ability to reproduce the 'Medusa's stare'. This means that he is capable of looking into another being's eyes as they look in his and turn them to stone, from the inside out. He also has another ability, to touch another and turn them to stone. So long as he touches them with any part of his body he is able to turn them to stone, this time from the outside in. Both of these abilities are in his control, so they are unable to cause problems to the innocent bystander. The stone touch also seems to work on objects, whether animate or inanimate.

Constriction: It is well known that Jin has abilities to immobilise other people. This is shown from his stonegaze and stone touch abilities. Constriction allows him to bind people and objects into a place or a position and render them incapable of moving. This is often done with 'invisible' ropes or tethers, cages, chains, etc. The victim of this power would not know what is going on, except that their bodypart or full body is locked in place without any control. People have often refered to this as being 'trapped within ones body'. It's known to be one of the worst ways to die, if you are bound without knowing why. On liquids, this would result in the form of a clot, stopping it from flowing by.

Rupture/Shatter/Disperse: This ability has been known to be considered 'sick' by any of those that witness it. Jin is capable of shattering and rupturing any form of matter, causing it to spread as fast as possible. With shatter he is able to break solid objects, without a moments thought. With rupture, he is able to break apart organic matter, cause it to explode or implode, etc. This means that living beings could explode without a moment's notice. Finally, with disperse Jin is able to cause non solid matter to break apart and move off. This means that he is able to disperse concentrations of energy and air, to thin it out so that it is not as potent, and so far less harmful.

Plague: One of Jin's more feared abilities is his ability to create diseases, virus's, toxins and poisons. He can recreate older, known versions of such things, or create new ones. He is able to siphon these out of his body when toxins or poisons, but other that that he will use bodily motions or open his mouth to cause the diseases and virus's. He also has the ability to create cures for such diseases, a perfect solution for when others may need it. He however, reproduces the cures for his own body accidently, as his body is prone to the diseases and illness's so he is cured of them quickly. This only takes him seconds, before his body becomes immune to it. The poisons themselves have various effects, from blinding to paralysing and even to killing.

Extensive Power: Jin holds an enormous amount of power in what is deemed a mortal body. It's not an ability in itself but his energy count is extremely high. He is capable of lasting a lot longer than most other beings in terms of power, pouring even his very essence into it. With this his energy is easily spotted because of it's vast abundance, even those without any form of energy usage or acknowledgement, such as an extremely simple human would feel it. The weight of his energy seems to be extremely heavy, imposing on people as they walk by him, even to the point where they may collapse at any particular moment. With this energy he is able to control the four elements at will, shadows, lightning and even ice or mixtures of the elements. This is because of his previous knowledge of such things. Jin's power seems to grow with every passing day, showing the amount of stress and training he puts into it.

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