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Post  Jai on Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:15 pm

Name: Aikro
Age: 142
Race: Vampire.
Trait: Suppressor

Like all vampires, Aikro is beautiful.
His face retains its youthful boyish charms. An oval face, with a sharp jawline yet low cheekbones. His skin is as pale as ivory, even looking like it is tinged with grey. His eyes are odd, even for Pangean society. His right eye is a bright and soft baby blue, stark against such pale skin. His left is a vivid violet, contrasting against the opposite eye.
On the left hand side of his lip, he has two studs, close to each other without being too close. They are simple enough; just two little silver balls. This matches with the eyebrow piercing over his right eye; against, adorned with two small silver balls.
Finally, to top off the piercings, he has three rings in his upper cartilidge of his left ear, and three more on the other side. These are made from a black metal, of which the name is unknown.

Aikro's body is


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