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Chaos ___________

Post  Jessica on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:50 pm

Chaos. Nothing more, nothing less. Just Chaos. Or C.


Unknown, but there is known to be no other like her.

Date & Place Of Birth:


Height, Weight & Physical Description:
Chaos stands at the height of around 5”6 and her weight is unknown exactly, but she is slender and well shaped. She is supple and healthy, due to exercise and of a balanced, well composed diet.

Her skin tone is a gentle peach colouration, leaning more towards being pale than a more 'normal' colour. Her hair is a gentle lilac colour, the hair itself being thick and plentiful, extending down towards her chest.

Her face is shaped by the style of her hair, brushing inwardly. Her eyes themselves are usually not seen often, hidden behind sunglasses. They themselves are pure white in colouration, for Chaos is completely and utterly blind. On either eyelid, long thin, jagged scars run down, implicating she was not born blind.

However, despite this handicap, she is perfectly able. Around her eyes, thick elegant eyelashes enhance her pretty face. She has a certain allure about her, that makes her appear fragile, delicate and untouchable, but she is quite opposing to this.

Clothing Description:
Chaos tends to go off the feel of material to determine what she wishes to wear. This means what she wears usually consists of many buttons, buckles, zips, embroidary and shapes. She usually is always seen wearing a thick coat and hood over her head.

Also, jeans are nearly always seen on her, either this, or shorts and long socks. She does not enjoy showing off her skin as she doesn't understand who she is trying to impress, and knows there is no need in her trying.

On her feet, heavy laced up combat or worker boots are always worn. This means if she were to kick you, with her boots on, the pain would be pretty much doubled its usual - which is a lot. She never wears gloves and she has to know the feel of materials and such around her. Many are surprised that she wears shoes at all, but she is simply a master at her senses.

Behavioural Description:
Usually, Chaos is a rather pleasant girl, despite her name and appearance. She is openly talkative, friendly and relaxed, and actually, has quite a cute adorable nature about her. However, the reason she has such a name becomes revealed through anger.

Her anger is amazing. It occurs in bursts, short, but powerful. Quite like lightning. There is no thunder before however. They just appear, then disappear without a warning. Some wonder if she has multiple personalities, but she simply blames it on people pissing her off too much.

She openly speaks her mind and the truth, making her appear quite blunt and harsh, but she doesn't intend it this way. She is also quite sarcastic and witty.

On the other hand, she is also malicious and sadistic. Though she cannot see it, she enjoys the scent, feel and even the taste of blood, giving her a slight unmasked blood lust at most times.

Parents Names And Occupations:
Despite growing up in an adoption, Chaos knows her parents names. Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. (If you know mythology.. grinz)

Other Family Members:


Senses -
Of course. Again. Chaos is blind. So her sight - there is none. However, this makes her other senses beyond phenominal. Her hearing is unbeaten and she is even able to pick up the tiniest air wave and can even be known to use echolocation.

Speed & Strength:
For Chaos, her speed and strength cannot be compared to one another, as they both are just as powerful as one another. Her speed however has been known to be lacking whereas her strength is amazing. They cannot be compared to any other race, as the way her body moves can't be classified.

This is an useful ability for anyone. Kenbusho allows Chaos to feel how many living beings are in the area she is in, and she has even been known to openly state how many living beings there are in the world at the moment. Of course, this changes in a second. She can also predict the movements of others and things close to them or herself. This could be a kind of ESP, but not as advanced and accurate. Also, she can sense and openly tell you when a person disappears and where they have gone. Kind of an amazing tracker.

Daemons Will:
Don't get this power wrong. She is not a daemon, nor does she possess powers of a daemon. Its the name of her sword. This sword can cut through anything in one swipe. Absoloutely anything. It doesn't matter if its a solid building, bone, or diamond. One slice from the sword, and you lose a limb. This sword is also unbreakable and cannot be stolen from Chaos as it is contracted with her, even after death.

Webs and Wires:
Chaos is able to use her energy to form webs and wires over the floor or any surface, however, these are invisible and completely undetectable to absoloutely anything. Her webs are the ultimate trap, whereas her wires are the ultimate offense. Her webs stop people from pretty much moving altogether, and some mistake her for being telekinetic because of the way she manipulates them. Her wires are able to tangle people and even kill them, whereas her webs are simple traps.

Energy Stock:
As the same as many other Pangaeans, Chaos has a high stock of energy built inside of her. However, due to her heritage, her raw energy can be considered as one of the most powerful in Pangaea. On the downside however, she has to use this energy sparingly as it can exhaust her and too much can render her powerless altogether.


Not really a major ability, but one none the less. Apart from her Daemons Will, she is able to summon any weapon she wishes. Chains are often seen strewn on her body, alongside spikes and other numerous things. She is an extreme weapon user, and strangely, prefers to use these instead of her magical abilities, as she knows this shows that a blind person can do better than those who can see.

Spouse or Lover:
None at the present.

Social Class:

Self taught - tutored.

Sense Of Humour:
Dry, sarcastic, witty.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:
Chaos is completely and utterly blind. She also has the two long jagged scars over each eye, but this doesn't prevent her opening her eyes. Par these, those are her only inperfections - physically.

Sexual Orientation:




Look down at me, and see a fool.
Look up at me, and see a God.
Look straight at me, and see yourself.


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Re: Chaos ___________

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