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Gazra Matiko

Post  Jai on Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:09 pm

Name: Gazra
Age: 263 [He looks 18]
Race: Vampire
Height: 6'10
Trait: Teleporter

Family: He calls His Pirate Crew his Family
Spouse/Lover: Monica Flynn (deceased)
Sexual Orientation: Believed to be Bisexual

Gazra's body is lean, muscular, and very well toned.
His upper torso is well formed, showing the muscles that have been built up over centuries in another realm from piracy. Gazra, even though he is a captain, always believed that if a man didn't work with his crew, then they need not respect him. So he, when not needed on the deck, would often be under it pulling on the oars with his men, never tiring from his heightened endurance, but all the time building his muscles.
His face, still slightly boyish in appearance, is not as young and round as it used to be. Although Vampire cannot age or change, his face seems to have hardened, probably from being weather beaten and forced to face the elements. He still has his boyish good looks though, enhanced and intensified since the vampiric blood that passed into his veins.

His eyes, once a dark brown, were changed into a light brown; amber in colour with flecks of his original brown within them. They tend to be always light, Gazra always feeding when he had the urge; never wanting to be a danger to anyone he wanted to be with.
His mouth was a light pink in colour, slightly feminine in colour, and always pulled up itno a crooked grin that never tended to leer, never really mocking, always kind.
His hair, hacked short by himself, was tousled and messy, a true bed head. It was bronze in colour, catching the sun and gleaming back in a bright colour; looking as if it was many shades.

All along Gazra's body are scars; white as his skin, never standing out or being very obvious. They were the product of his accident, along with his missing eye. However, when he was changed, they were not healed as would be expected; instead they were just hidden. Since you never expect scars like these on a Vampire, nobody notices the lines, unless they are looking for them. This is not form magic, but merely because he looks like a vampire, and therefore has the perfect body of a vampire, and nobody would be looking for them.

His Right eye is covered by a leather eye patch. The material clings over his eyeless socket, the skin draw closed, yet the skin - if you ever catch a glimpse of it - is horribly scarred, mauled, and disfigured.
This is also a product of his accident, one that he never speaks of.
He is known to never carry anything, but when he teleports something to himself, it is an enchanted hammer.
Weapon, simply named Tettsui (Iron Hammer) and is capable of growing and extending to undefined sizes and lengths. Although this affects its weight, it does not affect Gazra, and therefore he is able to lift it when it becomes heavy enough to crush a person.

Gazra is incredibly easy going and laid back. He is cheeky, rougeish and a chancer.
Most people tend to get on with him, enjoying his company and his calming like aura that surrounds him.
It takes a lot to piss him off, and even more to make him use his true form.


Speed senses and strength:
He’s a vampire. Everything is Heightened

This speaks for itself really. Gazra has the ability to transport people or things anywhere; including different realms. This therefore includes Hell, Heaven, Umbra and Death.
He can also act as a map. He can find out where anyone is, and can also ‘follow’ them. If he knows their name, and a rough idea of what they look like, then he can either just locate them, or bring them to him.

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Re: Gazra Matiko

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