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Character News, Sightings, Etc -

Post  Jessica on Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:54 am

[News Reporter Style]

Raine-Damica Lowe

For the moment she was out of her carers eyes, Raine has seemed to
become lately more and more distant. Recently, she has been seen nearer towards where Angel-Feir lives. Many are speculating if the girl has been influenced by Angel. With Raines abilities on her own make her an extreme person to make a foe of, even if she is a child, her intelligence surpasses that of the majority of adults. Now with her and Angel combined, if Raine has been corrupted, could they be unstoppable? Why is Angel using Raine? Is this some sort of punishment to those around her? More will be known as time goes on.

Heidi Phoenix

It has been reported that there have been beliefs of the leader of the Vampires being alive and well. Sightings of a girl holding similar attributes to the woman have been spotted, but there are many noticeable changes. With the current fueds going on between the Vampire themselves, and the Vampire and Lycan, it is wondered if Heidi is ready to really fulfill her authoritive role.

Kianné Tatiana Nariah

Reports of possibly the strongest being has been spotted near to London. Her unusual and eerie appearance cannot go amiss. She has been sighted walking through the London streets, with a blonde girl accompanying her. What her intentions and reasons for being here are, remain unknown. Whether Kiannés presence is positive or negative remains unknown, her true intentions of either good or evil are a mystery. More will be revealed as more sightings and reports progress.

Tsaria Ltorá (Arturia Pendragon)

Arturia recently recieving news of the oncoming war of the Lycan and Vampire has agreed to put her forces of Lycan to good use. She herself will not be allowed to participate in the war, despite her own wishes. Instead, she sends a full army of Lycan in her stead. She will be constantly updated with news, and will act in accordance. She is currently working hard to ensure the safety of the civillians of England that could possibly be caught up in such a thing. Also; she works with other leaders of countries all over Pangaea to ensure the same thing.

Isabella Ortensia

The little girl full of evil and dark intentions from the moment she was born. Is she dead or alive? Rumours of her being alive have recently been speculating. If she is indeed alive, it is thought she seeks to regain what was once hers. Thats if it was taken from her in the first place. Does she still have the wishers dream? Is Angel-Feir already immune to anything but enchanted blades? Did she just keep a poker face about it? More will be revealed as time progresses as to whether the owner of the powerful blade is deceased or not.

Mavira D'Amico

The wild pureblood has not been seen in sometime. Wonders of whether she is alive or not remain a mystery, but it is assumed she is. Since her killing of her teacher, a fellow Pureblood, Alice, Mavira has become distant from those around her.

Brooke TsAko

The daughter of Keri TsAko is now known to be alive and well, though incredibly weak. However she is currently regaining her strength back to normal. However, wonders of how this girl was brought back remain unknown, and it is believed questioning will soon turn to her Mother, Keri.

Larina Ltorá

Different forms? This is now confirmed true. Not too long ago, civillians spotted the assassin fighting Angel. When all seemed lost for the woman, her body resurrected with a different twist. It is now believed she has more than one form, but whether she is aware of this remains unknown, even to her. Also, on another news, Larina has declined any wishes to be the next ruler of England, if any mishap is to befall her cousin, Arturia. Who the next in line is, remains unknown. ALSO. The bounty recently for Larina being captured either alive or dead, has risen since her killing of the Pope upon his visit to England. We tried to catch her to ask her what her intentions behind his killing was, however she'd disappeared before we could come closer. What goes through the mind of the Black Cat of Misfortune is a true mystery.



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