Savannah Erin Kiddo

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Savannah Erin Kiddo

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Savannah Erin Kiddo


Appears 20




Former Assassin

Date & Place Of Birth:

England, London on August 6th, year unknown.

Height, Weight & Physical Description:

Savannah is stunning.

She has a regal, upper class beauty about her, making her appear untouchable and unreachable to people who lust after her. She always seems elusive and distant, her looks empowering this also.

She stands at the height of 5”6, just a touch shorter than her identical twin. Her body is sleek and toned, her skin surprisingly a little more tanned than her sisters also. Her skin itself is completely flawless without any markings to be seen. No scars, or abnormal decolouration is on her skin, instead it is simply smooth and unmarked.

Her face structure is extremely beautiful. Her features are small and soft looking, but her personality from this differs, but then again, she always defies thoughts and the way of life with her appearance and behaviour.

Her eyes themselves are shaped gently, and are a gentle green colour. They’re not exactly bright or outstanding, but they hold a warmth yet lingering threat and subtle mulling in them. Her hair colour however is definitely bright, a vibrant red. Her hair itself is plentiful and luscious, hanging down way towards the tops of her thighs when let down. It is curled lightly, yet nearly always worn up.

Clothing Description:

Her upper class look does not always represent her clothing, despite initial impressions. She definitely enjoys the finer clothing and materials, dresses often being what she wears. However, to move around more easier, she tends to wear tight skinny jeans with a fitting top that hugs her shape brilliantly. On the other hand, she can be seen in more relaxed clothing.

This can include long jumpers with tights or legging underneath, or short lace dresses. Sometimes, she often wears lace gloves on her hands that extend up towards her elbows. Jewellery is nearly always present on Savannah, usually expensive looking earrings and necklaces.

Behavioural Description:

Savannah in short is not pleasant; however very elusive and deceptive. Upon first appearance, she can easily gain your trust and your likeness of her. Once she has you in her grasp, it is incredibly hard to break free from such a girl. She is manipulative and stubborn, but not naïve and childishly so. She herself is not fond of children, seeing them as life’s annoyances, yet necessities.

On the other hand, she is open minded and willing to take other peoples thoughts and points of view into her own mind. This doesn’t mean she’ll accept you or care about you however. She’ll just simply listen, then tear you apart with her own, justified ways.

She enjoys the danger in life, the dark side, and is often seen with dark looking males. She loves the company of risk and threat, often getting adrenaline rushes from such things. Furthermore, she obviously indulges in male attention, and female if so be it, using it generally to her advantage, yet she refuses to let anyone get the better of her. It is usually her using them, and then dumping them as if they mean nothing. She has even been known to use women in a similar fashion, for her own entertainment.

She will not consider your feelings. At all. She see’s no reason to, as people around her are either below her or inadequate. She likes to watch others suffer both emotionally and physically, giving her a sadist reputation.

But don’t think she’s all bad. Of course she’s not. Kinda. She’s just very hard to be on an equal level with.

Parents Names And Occupations:

Savannah never speaks of her parents.


Speed, Strength, Senses -

Savannah is fast. Very fast. But not as fast as some other creatures. At her full speed, it is just Arrancar speed, but she see’s no need to even try to get to this level and exhorting her energy, when she can simply move out of the way, or walk. Her strength however is more so than her speed. She is abnormally strong, and isn’t easy to be rivalled with. Her senses are above bizarre. Her eyesight is the best sense she has, being able to see miles and miles away, almost like binoculars.

Blood Manipulation -

Savannah is able to use other peoples blood and her own to her advantage, manipulating it with her own free will. She can do this to control people, attack, and defend. She has even been known to make solid weapons out of other peoples blood. Using this also, she has been rated a top manipulator of humans, calling them her puppets. When she gets bored of her toys, she simply uses the blood and explodes them outwards, or simply makes them bleed out dry.

Fire Manipulation -

Another sense of manipulation Savannah has. She is brilliant at using fire, in all aspects of it. She has been known to convert light and heat energy from the environment around her into a source of fire. Even her own body heat she can convert. Using such a method ranks her high in being an elemental.

Hand to Hand, Weapons, Fire Arms and Skill -

Savannah is almost unmatchable in hand to hand skills. She is trained in numerous varieties of self defence and her speed and strength excel her. Also, she is extremely able in using all forms of weaponry, ranging from such things as swords to bow and arrows. Fire arms too she is skilled with, however she honestly does prefer to use her own hand to hand skills and weaponry. Skill. Finally. Savannah is extremely agile, nimble and athletic. Her body is very flexible, and she is often able to slip between small spaces, and move her body in extraordinary ways, often defying human logic.

Seduction -

Similar to a Succubus, but not quite as overwhelming, Savannah has a seductive essence about her. The reason this is considered as one of her abilities, is because of just how influential and irresistible it is. This is another reason it is so hard to break free from her. She can easily seduce anyone she wishes, be it male or female. Using such a thing allows her to manipulate them to her advantage, many giving her or doing what she wants.

Other Family Members:

Identical twin - Frankie Grace Kiddo

Spouse or Lover:

None present.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:


Sexual Orientation:

Hints of bisexuality.


Shall do another time.


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Re: Savannah Erin Kiddo

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