Thor Jason Matthews

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Thor Jason Matthews

Post  Jessica on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:09 pm


Thor Jason Matthews







Date & Place Of Birth:

America, date unknown. He was then adopted straight off to a family in England.

Height, Weight & Physical Description:

Thor is outstanding. He is amazingly attractive to look at and very easy on the eyes. He stands at the height of 6”5, his form broad and muscular from the constant gym training he enjoys. His skin tone is a lightly tanned peach, giving him supple and clear skin. No where on his body does he have any real imperfection, par the smallest scar on the back of his left shoulder, however this is covered over by a large tribal tattoo, similar to that of Chance Valdez’s but not quite as large.

His face is very well structured and handsome. He has strong prominent features, with a charming, high class look about him. His jaw is strong and set, making him look all the more masculine. Further more, his eyes themselves are a gentle grey colour, bizarre considering the family he comes from usually having golden, blue or red eyes, he is an anonymity. They cannot be classed the bright silver as Larinas are, but a light grey.

His hair is a thick sweep of pure white. Absolutely no tint of any other colour runs through his hair. It is utterly pure and cleansed. His hair always looks well looked after, clean kept yet a slight rugged look to him as it is naturally messy and suits him brilliantly. Despite his high class look, he has a rebellious edge to him, that makes him all the more attractive.

His body itself is perfectly muscled. His stomach is toned to perfection, his arms and legs too in perfect toned shape. This gives him a nature intimidating look to him, but his personality conflicts this.

He is known to be a bit of a ladies man and heartbreaker, a cheeky, playful grin often being plastered across his handsome face. Overall, it can be summed up that Thor is rather amazing.

Clothing Description:

Thor is usually seen dressing extremely smart-casual. He often wears a loose shirt with a tie on the front, the first few buttons often being undone so his tie hangs loose. With this, he tends to wear either baggy jeans, or loose black blazer pants. Occasionally he will just go completely casual, wearing a normal t-shirt and jeans, but he honestly does prefer his blazer suits.

Behavioural Description:

Thor is adorable. He is polite, well mannered and behaved. He isn’t into drinking, drugs, or smoking. He speaks in full sentences, pronouncing his words correctly, and often holds dislike for unintelligent people. He is brilliant with children, and is openly good natured and kind.

He is extremely friendly, and not shy in the slightest. He often doesn’t feel much embarrassment, as he really has nothing in his eyes or mind to be embarrassed about. He is open with his feelings and thoughts, and see’s no reason to not say what is on his mind, yet he’ll only hold it back if he believes it’s the polite thing to do.

Also, he is against all sense of injustice. Growing up, he was taught to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, and so from there, simply treats everyone with an open mind and heart.

… However, there’s always a dark side to a person from such a biological family. His temper is absolutely terrible. Yet, preferably the calmer of the 3 triplets. Don’t underestimate him though. He may sound posh, look irresistible, and act perfectly behaved, but when things get too much, his anger is surprising and shocking to those around him.

But let’s be nice again. Kinda. He definitely is a ladies man. He is utterly charming and flirtatious, seeing no boundaries, unless of course they’re married or in a relationship. If not, he see’s it as fair play. From this, he has got a bit of a reputation for being a player and a heartbreaker, without intentions being so.

Overall however. We can sum him up in two words. Male Callie.


Senses, Speed, Strength -
Please say you get the idea by now. Look at who he’s related to. Go figure.

Telekinesis -
Thor is an expert with his TK. He can control basically any inanimate object with his mind, hands and eyes. He can also use this to control other people against their own will. It doesn’t take much, and he is a master at this. So much so; he doesn’t have to look at the person or object, simply to know where they are or to sense its presence to have his TK will over them. However, being the relaxed guy he is, he tends to use this to do the dishes. Oh Thor.

Stamina -
Thor has an extraordinary amount of stamina. He is able to be continuous in whatever he does for hours on end. This he applies to his amazing hand to hand skills.

He is overly strong and quick, and has been trained in all martial arts
Electrical Storm -
Almost as powerful as the deceased Lightning, Thor is able to summon electric from appliances around him, or in the air current and use it to his will. With this, he is also able to control the weather around him.

Invisi-walls -
Thor is able to generate completely invisible energy. This energy is completely colourless and undetectable to absolutely everyone. With this, he is able to create anything he wishes, be it weapon, or defence. Sometimes however, he’ll create an invisible wall, just cos its funny to watch people walk into it.

Weapon Producer -
Thor is able to expertly produce any weapon he wishes from the palms of his hands whenever it is he feels like it. This can range from something simple as a dagger, to something more extreme such as a large axe. Whenever he wants to get rid of it, he simply throws it away and it returns to energy.

Light -
His final ability. Unlike his shadow using brothers, Thor is the opposite. He is able to produce and manipulate any source of light, whether it be light from a bulb, or light from heat, and use it to his advantages.

Other Family Members:

Bliss Q’Son - Biological Mother
Asher D’Amico - Biological Brother
Alec Q’Son - Biological Brother
… ceebs. Basically anyone related to Bliss/Gravity/Alec = Thors Family.

Spouse or Lover:

Grace Frankie Kiddo

Social Class:





Being highly intelligent, Thor has simple hobbies such as reading, writing and composing music. He is able to successfully play a large range of instruments beautifully and thus composing his own pieces. He is also a talented singer.

Sense Of Humour:

Light, sarcastic.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:

Thor is in amazing health. He is pretty much perfect. The only marks he has on him is a large tattoo over his left shoulder to the side of his chest. He occasionally wears a lower lip ring, and a chain earring on his right ear.

Sexual Orientation:



Do later.

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Re: Thor Jason Matthews

Post  Zoey on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:29 pm

Accepted :3


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