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Post  Adam on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:20 pm

Name: Lyna Binot

Age: Unknown (Appears in his 20's)

Race: Enhanced Human

Date & Place Of Birth: She was born on the 19th of July in London

Weight & Physical Description: Lyna is a very attractive woman. Her body is perfectly shape with curves in all the right places. Her body is very toned and tight, not a saggy part in place. She stands at 5''6, which allows her body to spread out over the reasonabley sized frame. Her skin is completely free of any marks blemishes.

Her skin is quite light with a touch of darkness to it where the sun has licked at her skin. Lyna's features are well defined but blatantly obviously so, they suit the rest of her body perfectly, drawing your eyes to her. Her eyes are a deep blue colour and her hair is pure white with a wavy look to it which reaches the top of her neck.

Description: See picture.

Description: Lyna is very flirtatous with any male she comes into contact with. She is also rather cold when it comes down to it, much like her brother.

Parents Names And
Occupations: Rolland and Jensine Binot. Rolland was a bank manager and
before giving birth his mother was a maid.

Abilities: Although she doesn't look it, she is very skilled when it comes to using a blade or a gun.

Family Members: Lyna's family is relatively big although he never
mentions it. She grew up with a younger sister whom she was extremely close to and two older brothers.

Spouse or Lover: Non.

Social Class: Upper

Education: She atteneded Yale and graduated with several degrees.

Related Skills: She is a very sly business woman.

Hobbies: She enjoys toying with her brother.

Personal Qualities: Although she is flirtatous, she isn't a slut.

Sense Of Humour: It's relatively normal, although she does tend to find other peoples misfortunes amusing.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities: Healthy

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Post  Jessica on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:22 pm

accepted Cool

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