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Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Empty Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)

Post  Zoey on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:17 am

Asher D’Amico

Known Name:
Gravity Yzera


Enhanced Human

Male and Female.

Straight and Gay.

You would say he was Taken, but he believes so little in women that you are not worthy of going out with him. He has never had a strong relationship. He is currently claiming ownership of the top female assassin, Larina Ltorá.

Phantom, Ghost, Gravity, Shadow, Mist, Assassin of the Shadow, Night Devil.

Unknown, supposed and questioned to be Iris Command, Gravity refers to it being whoever pays the most.

Origin: Italy, then America, then England.

Height: 6ft9

Weight: 257 pounds of pure muscle.

Physical Description:
Intimidation radiates off him, he has a cocky natural stride and a cocky arrogant face that you just love to hate. Although he is handsome, he is good looking, and he could draw you in if he really wanted to. His features are shaped with a rogue roughness that attracts those women who like to live on the dangerous side. Danger emits from him, he attracts it and breaths it. His muscles are harsh and covered in scars, his face is unpredictable, he controls it, his nose is slightly bent to one side from where he broke his nose, but imperfections make him perfect and even more good looking. Unique, so to speak. He has a streak of spiky white hair that falls in whatever direction he wakes up in. His personal hygiene is extremely good considering how he acts around other people. He is normally clean, apart from when he’s on jobs. He likes to remain clean and is extremely vain.

His eyes are the most protruding feature apart from his hair, being a piercing yellow that shines out through his white hair, they normally display cruelness, a long with this he has a slightly pale complexion, but overplayed with a soft touch of an old tan, which originates back from his own origin. He has a lean long torso, and strong long legs which make him extremely empowering and give him the confidence, due to being able to look down over anyone just because he can.

Clothing Description:
His clothes are plain and simple. He tends to wear joggers, white, black, grey, most of the time with white trainer socks, no shoes. He will wear vests, white, black, grey, in accordance to his joggers to see which ever match. He sometimes even comes across topless.

Assassination: Now, with this, he normally wears a mixture of greys and blacks to he can use the shadow a little more expertly, he can meld into darkness. He normally coats his shocking white hair with shadows to make it come across as black, he normally has a hood hooked over his head with multiple straps of blades and weaponry he can rely on all over his body.

Now now, lets not be harsh when explaining how he is. Okay, lets be.
Gravity is arrogant, cocky, confident and stuck up. He has a strong belief that, He is, and always will be, better than you. Got that? Good. He likes death, he bathes in blood and he will enjoy seeing your dad kill your mother just because it would save your life, or so you think. Of course he’s going to kill you after, the pain staking crushing of your hope excites him, as do, women, children and corpses. He is the sickest of the sick, the meanest of the mean. And of course, he will, and don’t underestimate me when I say this, he will tear every shred of decency you have and use it to wash his balls. Your that low to him, you always will be. Don’t expect him to be nice, he won’t.

Now we have that explained, let me tell you, he is a compulsive and extremist when it comes to lying. He manipulates, he cheats and he will ruin you. No you can’t change him, he makes you think you have, then BAM, your child’s dead and your left thinking. ‘Why the hell did I try?’. I have advice for you, don’t trust him, don’t admire his work, don’t let him corrupt you. Actually, just stay completely out of his way. Everything he touches turns to ruins eventually. He will break everything.

Okay so perhaps your thinking. “Oh come on, everyone has some good in them.” Well, please ask those who have been effected by him. Keri, Larina, Callie, a few examples. I’m sure they won’t speak to you about what happened to them, but they will show obvious reactions to when you bring it up. Ask him yourself if you want to be daring.

Before, however, I mentioned people are attracted to him, here’s you thinking, ‘Why the fuck would someone be attracted to that?” Let me explain, have you ever wanted to go on one of them really scary rollercoaster’s? Your scared but you’ll go on it just because of the thrill. Just because it makes your adrenaline rush, just because you like the speed, the danger and you can say, “I went on that, no biggy, It wasn’t even scary.” It’s exactly like that for Gravity, a part from a few things. When you get on this rollercoaster, you can’t get off. You won’t be able to high five your friend saying, ‘Yeah that was cool.’ No, to get off this rollercoaster you would have to be killed. This is one heck of a ride, if you dare have a go, come see him. Depending on his mood, you might last long. But I doubt you’ll want that after long enough being glued to the Satan Spawn.

Exterior Energy Abilities:
Minimum magical ability, hard to believe right?

Shadows: He is the male master of darkness and shadow, control = Maximum.

Strength, Senses and Speed: The three S’s. He is the master, he is the perfect predator, he has strength and he will kill everything. He has a limited amount of strength to be used, similar to a Claymore, after a certain amount of energy used, he will gain stages.

His normal form, a general predator form, he uses 2% of his strength:

Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Normal14

He reaches 10% of his strength, and he gains this look:

Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Grav2n10

He reaches 50% and he gains this look and abilities:

Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Chris10

When he reaches 50% as stated, he gains abilities, he also gains a pair of vigorous golden gloves, which emit a strong shock of electric which will kill at any apparent moment. He will destroy anything in this form, his control is limited but he still has control. In this form, your best off running. He gains control of weather, and electric, a long with lightning and thunder. Be warned.

He has never surpassed 50% of his strength used, he doesn’t see the need to, he is already tremendously strong anyway.

Forms: Okay, now your wondering, why the hell would he need forms. Well, everyone needs a counter balance.

Jake: His form, which has been named Jake, is flirtatious, handsome, apparently extremely friendly, forward, blunt, oh, and most importantly, gay.

Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Will10

Will: Ah, now you think this is a man, it isn’t. Will is a woman, a very good looking woman, who in fact is similar to Jake, she is blunt, forward, and violent. She is defensive and extremely strong. She is straight, much to Gravity’s dismay.

Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Eheheh10

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Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Empty Re: Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)

Post  Jessica on Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:25 am

accepted. Asher D'Amico (Gravity Yzera)  Icon_biggrin

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