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Post  Adam on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:31 am

Name: Satoru Yuriko, although most people just call him Sensai in Japan as he has trained many people.

Age: Unknown but known to be well over 600.

Race: Unknown

Date & Place Of Birth: He was born in Japan where he has lived ever since, his birthday is september 13th but the exact year has been lost through time, only he knows.

Height & Weight: Satoru is a tall man standing at 6''9. His weight isn't exactly known, even to him, he thinks it's more challenging not to know your own weight precisely.

Physical Description:

He has long black hair which reachs down his back, along with a goatee and mustache. His body is rather muscular although he doesn't tend to show it very well through his kimono as he see's it more honourable to wear something that restricts some movements.

Clothing Description:

Satoru wears a traditional white kimono, with grey trim.

Behavioural Description:

Satoru has fierce pride, due to the fact that he is a samurai. He is honour bound and will show respect to people who show respect to him. If anyone disrespects him he will quickly take it upon himself to teach them some respect.

Due to the fact that he is honourbound, he will not fight someone who is outnumbered, unarmed or injured. His bravery is well known, he will not back down from a fight as he see's it as dishonourable, if he had the choice to live a coward or die with honour, he would choose death.

Parents Names & Occupations:

He doesn't speak of his parents since he lost them so many years ago.

Other Family Members:

He has an older daughter, Kat, yet she moved to america at a young age. He also has a younger daughter, Miki, who lives with him in Japan.


Satoru is widowed.

Social Class:

Middle/Upper Class.


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