Katsumi Minxka Yuriko

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Katsumi Minxka Yuriko

Post  Jessica on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:42 pm

Name: Katsumi Minxka Yuriko (Cat-Sue-Me, Minx-Kah, You-Ree-Ko) Usually just nicknamed ‘Kat’ for the effort. Some also refer to her as Tomoe Gozen, the most famous female Samurai reincarnated into Katsumi.

Age: Unknown but known to be well over 600.

Race: Unknown

Date & Place Of Birth: Katsumi was born in Japan, however moved to America at a very young age. She was born on the 21st February yet the year is completely unknown.

Height & Weight: Kat is a tall woman, standing at 6”2. Her weight isn’t actually known, but judging from her figure, it is just right for the height she is, and the muscle on her body.

Physical Description:

Kat has a beautiful yet dangerous look about her. Her figure is excellently curved and shaped into that of a mature woman, perfect curves, a developed chest and well defined face. Her skin is that of a light peach colouration, a slight tan hinting at her original origins, however paler due to her new environments.

Her face is also gorgeous, despite a serious accident that has her permanently scarred and blinded in one eye, a long deep slash going over from her eyebrow to the cheekbone. She is still able to open that eye, yet cannot see through it, so prefers to keep it closed or have an eye patch over it.

Another differentiate to her, is the markings on her face. Showing her true origin and perhaps a hint at her mysterious past, she has a red triangle under her working eye, and above it, a curve holding a levitating circle, all in red. This doesn’t seem to be able to be removed, whether it is a tattoo or not is unknown.

Despite this, she is still utterly stunning in appearance and cannot be faulted even with her marks. Her eyes, even the one that is blinded, when both open, are a bright light purple with rings of white going throughout and a slightly slit pupil, however in her blind eye, there seems to be no pupil at all.

The rest of her features are beautiful yet strong looking, a different take on the usually normal classical pretty girls. Her hair is luscious and plentiful, being a bright pink in colouration. She usually wears her hair high up in a pony tail behind her head, with thick bangs either side of her face, and a swept heavy fringe. Her hair is also quite layered, so spikes up whenever it feels like it, adding a wild tint to her.

Another downside to Kat, is her missing arm. Due to the same incident that cost her the sight in one eye, she also has no arm on the opposite site of her body, the arm actually having been cut off at the shoulder. Instead there, is a useful weapon that many people do not see and is hidden constantly. Many people often mistake her for having two arms, and just having one hidden more so than the other, but are proven wrong whenever she takes off her kimono.

Clothing Description:

Kat has a traditional Samurai look to her. The first layer of her clothing is a thick white kimono that hangs down to her feet, yet is slit largely at both sides, and is noticeably widely open at the front, yet she doesn’t seem to care about this. The decoration on this lower piece is elegant, yet strong bold colours.

On the kimono, there are thick strips of block black and thin crimson lines along it, and towards the lower area, a black and red symbol of a four pointed sun. Around her waist and on top of the kimono to actually keep it hung yet tight to her body, is a thick red material belt, wrapped numerous times around her.

This belt also has the symbol of a Sakura flower on the front of it, showing beauty. This belt is something she often ties her sword into, or simply slides down to keep it in place. If she isn’t using the belt, then she simply strings it over her back, yet she prefers to have it somewhere easy accessible.

On her wrist, she wears a glove that appears to be just a strip of material, yet is really a pouch to conceal further weapons inside of it. She wears no sort of material on her legs, despite the fact that they are obviously shown through the large cuts in the side of her kimono.

Finally on her feet, she wears heavy black boots with numerous buckles on them. The boots themselves give her an extra inch or so to her already tall height. These boots also, when being used in one of her strong kicks, deliver a bone breaking blow.

Behavioural Description:

The most obvious behaviour you would expect from a Samurai would be fierce pride, and this is something Kat is no exception to. However she also has a more devious and young at heart side. She is openly flirtatious and seductive, knowing how attractive she is, and knowing that the dangerous side of her just lures the men ‘worthy of her’ closer; in her opinion.

She is abnormally brave and outspoken, seeing no need to hold back, however she is also very noble. She refuses to fight those unarmed or already injured, and has a sense of justice and right and wrong. She is also very loyal to those that befriend her, yet it can be a little hard to do so, as she seems rather frontal.

She is also very stubborn and refuses to back down on what she believes is right. If she makes a mistake on her judgement, she often punishes herself by taking away her own luxuries, a discipline technique that was taught to her. Despite all of this, she does have the days where she is able to blend in with anyone.

Kat is easily able to adapt herself to her surroundings and those in it. Her flirtatious attitude often gets her much attention that she finds bemusing, yet again, she is convinced she has not yet found a man worthy of her. Saying this, it is rumoured that she has a child out of wedlock and due to a fling, but this has not been confirmed and she does not speak of such a thing.

Parents Names & Occupations:

Hitomi Yuriko and Satoru Yuriko were Katsumi’s birth parents, however it does not appear that she lived with them whilst in America, despite her young age at the time. The two of her parents were both honourable Samurais, however Satoru also was a master blacksmith.

Other Family Members:

It has been said that Katsumi is rumoured to have a child, yet this is not confirmed. It is also believed her father is still alive, and she also has a younger sibling, Miki, yet she does not speak of her little sister much.


Katsumi is open to having relationships, yet never believes many of them worthy of her.

Social Class:

Middle/Upper Class.


Strength & Speed:
Katsumi’s speed and strength is abnormal. She is able to rival that of Alec Q’Sons strength, being just below him in such, and her speed is equal to that of an arrancars. However, she barely ever uses this, seeing is as useless and if someone wishes to fight, she will lower or heighten herself to their ability, before delivering the fatal blow in her own skill level.

Due to being blinded in one eye, her eyesight suffers, however this has helped her other senses increase to an incredible amount. Her hearing is the best of her senses, and she is able to detect a small bird over many miles away.

Rapid Movement:
Because Kat has no external energy, all of it is built up to internal. This she has then developed into an unique skill. This is something she simply calls as ‘Rapid Movement.’ She is able to move her working limbs at such a speed that by the time she has already beheaded the person, they wouldn’t have even seen her draw her sword. Many people do not even know she has attacked until they are bleeding or have lost a limb.

Vision Of The Unseeing Eye:
The eye Kat is believed to be blind in, is indeed blind in a human sense; that they cannot see pictures or colour. However Kat is able to see energy, aura and even the persons scent, and detect it from hundreds of miles away by opening that eye. Depending on the person, she can determine just how strong they are, and she is able to say exactly what abilities they have. This is something making her extremely useful to anyone.

Invisible Sword:
Kats sword itself is enhanced. When drawn, it appears a normal samurai sword, its length being 2 foot. (2 shaku) However, when she uses it, it has an extra 3 foot added to it, however this itself is invisible and is able to be sheathed normally. This is undetectable, and also adds to her Rapid Movement. She is able to swipe at enemy 5 foot away from her who thinks they are safe, and still injure them. When she sheaths the sword, the extra 3 foot instantly disappears.

Kat has an abnormal sense of stamina. She is barely able to feel much pain, and is able to constantly fight for hours at a time, whereas others may only last minutes. This is not only an ability, but something she has gained over an exceptionally long life, and times of hardship and training.

Reverse Seppuku:
Seppuku; the honourable death of a Samurai. This is something in which Samurais take their own life by slicing and disembowelling themselves when faced with a dishonourable loss or condemnation. However, Kat works in reverse. With her sword whose name itself is ‘Seppuku’, when her sword is impaled in the body, the energy that can only be used in her body, travels along the sword into the other. She is then able to, if she wishes, to explode that person inside out.

This is one of Kats last abilities. Such things that deal a blow, for example, punches, kicks, head butts, from Kat, slice like a blade. This in a way, makes her the ultimate Samurai. Her hands are able to slice through flesh and bone just like her sword Seppuku can. This is the same for any part of her body that is to be come into contact with.

This isn’t really an ability, but a summary of what her sword, Seppuku is able to do. The sword itself is able to defend Kat from any energy based attack, simply by her drawing it and holding it in front of herself, blocking the attack. Also, this cannot be stolen from her, as it simply returns to her open palm. As explained above, Seppuku can also deliver a fatal exploding blow and is able to lengthen itself at Kats will. Seppuku was something given to her at a young age, and has been with her ever since.

Sense Of Humour:

Surprisingly, Kat has a good sense of humour and is able to see the light side of many things, yet she makes it noticeable if someone takes something too far or is just plain annoying, as she is free to voice her opinions and views.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities:

Apart from the blind eye and the loss of one arm, Kat is in perfect health. The distinguishing marks on her are of course the scar, the loss of arm and the symbols on her face.

Sexual Orientation:





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Re: Katsumi Minxka Yuriko

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