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Post  Zoey on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:39 pm

Hello, my name is Heaven Valencia Dakota. The name is stupid, incredible stupid and hardly needed. Yet hear I am cursed with that name. Call me, Hev.

Heaven Valencia Dakota



America, Tennessee.

Known Relatives:
The Lowe, Dres’Veis, Q’Son, D’Amico and Cain Families.

Relationship Status:

Physical Description:
Hev is fairly tall tanned and white haired exotic looking woman. With high cheek bones and wide lips, she isn’t exactly the ugliest bunch in the states. Unblemished and unscarred, she in perfect health, having healthy skin and healthy full length straight hair that falls to about in line with her naval.

A distinctive thing about Hev is that she has multiple piercing’s, a lip ring, naval piercing, a few cartilage piercing‘s, general ear piercing’s, tongue piercing and a nipple piercing. Many of these piercing’s have random jewels hanging off them or are changed frequently. Even as she walks, if you listen extremely closely you’ll be able to hear the cartilage piercing’s tap against each other. With jewellery she always seems to be wearing a heavy plain black pendant circle on a thin chain. It looks slightly Egyptian, with the white outlining around the shape of the necklace.

A certain times, Heaven can gain wings, these wings are able to come at any size they wish. The black raven feathers coat the wings drastically, but Hev hardly is seen with them unless she’s feeling in the mood of the extra weight. Otherwise when the wings are not there, they are folded under the skin of her back, which heals rapidly. When released, it will rip the skin away and flex outwards, extended via her energy to become whatever size she wishes.

Hev normally wears fingerless gloves that come up into ribbons, which are manipulated by her energy. She is normally seen wearing black ripped jeans with sneakers. Her tops are normally plain vests of different colours, and her accessories hardly vary.

Behavioural Description/Personality:
Hev isn’t exactly a person everyone gets a long with. She is difficult to pin down and is very extroverted. She is very witty, sarcastic and coy. When she can bring up jokes about people, she does. Although those who decide to take harm against such jokes are taking her too seriously. She never means half of what she jokes about. Her playful funny personality can be dangerous at times, due to her high risk taking and crazy stunts, just most of the time because she had nothing better to do. She is intelligent, but decides that she only has one life and does anything she can with it. With this she is very spirited and passionate about what she believes in, strongly enough to be called head strong and determined.

Yet most of the time she is laid back, lazy and private, sometimes even absent minded. She doesn’t share much about herself, yet is completely open minded and tolerant. Then again, her personality is completely unpredictable, she can be blunt, aware and mature, then again the next time you meet her, she could be understanding, compassionate, seductive. She even has a slight seductive ring to her voice at times when she is talking to certain people, an old habit she’s picked up from her mother.

Hev, however, is very creative, she is a doodler and will draw on anything if she has a pen or some sort of material to use to draw. She is very curious and will ask when she doesn’t understand, despite looking like a fool whilst doing it.


Power House: As being referred to the power house, you can only imagine how much strength, energy and speed she has stocked up to use. Hev has been known to have the most power stocked in her whole body. Similar to her brothers, she only uses a certain amount. However, her brothers use a long the lines of 5% and 10%. She simply uses 2% and is able to out do all her brothers. Her speed, energy and strength are through the roof. She has spent multiple years taming and training the energy under her control. She only mastered it last year.

If you move your hand near her, you’ll feel a slight pressure against it. This is the energy leaking through her body into the air around her, it is completely invisible and can only be felt. A little like when you stick your hand out of a car window whilst going down a motorway, the pressure is similar to that, but easy to withstand.

Tendrils of the Ribbon: As you can already guessed, this has something to do with the ribbons around her wrists. It is simple, the ribbons are easily manipulated and used as either defensive or attack against a enemy. They are always being fed by her energy and due to the normal energy that surrounds her, they are always floating seemingly from her arms.

Darkness engulfed in the shadow: This is a mixture of shadow manipulation and darkness manipulation. She is able to draw over darkness to cast a shadow. She can also use darkness to corrupt the mind. And hide darkness within shadows and so forth. She has mastered this ability excellently. She likes to think she is up to the standards of the notorious Larina Ltorá.

Stealth: she is able to mask her self, to almost invisible and stop any sound coming from her, she could stomp a long a floor, and no one would hear her coming. Although her distinctive aura is an obvious pin point. And she finds it hard to completely disperse her aura and scent away. But the stealth ability helps, it blocks of any scent and any sound. Making whoever she is fighting harder to pin point her.

Social Class:
Lower Class - As expected from the family she comes from.

No School Education, self taught by her mother.

She paints, draws and takes photographs. She also sings and dances a lot. She has a very creative side to her.

Sexual Orientation:

Life Quote:
And as for this, the violence? I've got to be honest, it grew on me. Once you've taken a few punches and realise you're not made of glass .. you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go.

Well. I'm glad thats over. See ya.

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Post  Jessica on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:45 pm

I like the sound of her :3
acceptedd! Very Happy

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