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Post  Adam on Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:44 pm

Name: Dynasty

Age: Just after genesis

Race: Demi-god

Date Of Creation: 01/04 unknown

Origin: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Dynasty is outstandingly handsome. His body is structured well with hidden muscles, standing at the height of 6"3, a brilliant height for someone of his weight and build. Dynastys skin is clearly unmarked, flawless in every way, par the red scar looking mark over one of his eyes, but this seems to attract more attention than not.

His skin itself is a light peach colouration with a hint of a rose undertone to it, giving off a slight welcoming glow. Dynastys features are quite broad and masculine, but can be defined as beautiful to such a face, having a slight feminine tint to him, but once more, making him all the more appealing.

His eye colour itself is a light blue with a thick black ring surrounding on his iris, his pupils differentiating depending on his situation and environment. His hair upon first glance seems just black, but on closer detail, fine strips of white and silver can be seen running throughout.

This is not due to age, but simply beautiful genetics. His hair itself is long and silk like, hanging down to the middle of his back, not too long, but long enough to add to his regal handsome look.

Overall, it is obvious that Dynasty is a definitely attractive man, and due to his race, it cannot be denied that woman are instantly attracted to him.

Clothing Description:
Dynasty, being the man he is, wears only that of brilliant clothing. On the base of his body, he wears rather tight looking material, but this shows off his figure and posture more so. This is seen in a jet black colouration at all times, giving him a little bit of a dark aura around him.

On the next layer, he wears armoured plates, scattered over parts of his body. On his wrists, thick pieces of steel are clipped, with the finest decoration in colbolt blue. This is the same for his calves, forming down into thick heavy boots. It makes some a little surprised at how easily it is that he can walk around with such clothing on.

On his shoulders, elbows and knees however, the style changes, but the purpose is still the same. Thick armoured plates, but this time, the metal itself is a jet black colouration however still has the electric blue patterns running along them in wonderful detail.

On his chest, a hide of leather is tied onto him tightly, against, showing off his muscular build. At the side, it is tied in a rather corset looking pattern, and delves below onto his waist where a thick material hangs as a belt.

The belt itself hangs down towards his thighs when he stands and again, follows the theme of black and the bright blue. On the belt itself, a thick piece of string hangs with two light blue beads and tassles, giving a little novelty to his outfit.

Finally, to complete his regal look, on his head is an expensive looking headpiece. It hands around the front of his head in a triangle, with two long pieces either side of his face and tied at the back. This is the only part of his clothing that differ in colour, this having gold details and ruby jewels along it.

Behavioural Description: Dynasty is what his true name means. He is simply mischevious. Usually up to no good, many can describe this man as a trouble maker to be wary of. Despite the fact he always causes problems, he can be seemingly charming though sometimes his charm comes a little more off as playful teasing.

However, back to his full on personality, he is rather rebellious. He barely ever listens to his elder sister and brothers orders, instead finding it amusing to usually do the exact opposite of what they say or ask of him. This is something the other siblings find extremely annoying, but his cheerfullness they can not put down.

Along with his cheerful, upbeat attitude however, he can be extremely rude to people, seeing himself well above them when he knows he is. Whenever something is convenient for him, he will do whatever he can to do it, whether it is right or wrong, and always takes the easy path, seeing no need to push himself to do the hard work, usually getting others to do it for him. Some could call this lazyness, some could however label him as manipulative.

Faced with such a wide decision such as saving someone or something, if he realised the easiest thing was to destroy whatever it was, he would definitely take that option. A slight further downside to Dynastys' personality is his dishonest, spiteful and lazy attitude to things.

Though he is one of the oldest creatures in Pangaea, he can be extremely immature at some points, especially around that of his eldest sister Destiny, who he can be very childish and disrespectful towards her, mostly because he is aware he can get away with this because of her sweet nature.

Overall, Dynasty can be labelled as a definite menace.

Parents Names: .. God

Other Family Members:
Destiny - Sister
Legacy - Brother

Spouse/Lover: None.

Education: N/A


Clothing mischief- This ability allows him to literally make anyone's clothes disappear that he chooses, simply by snapping his fingers effortlessly.

Lucky Strike - The ability to manipulate probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things not to happen. Alter probability to make the unexpected expected. With this ability, you can be almost certain the traffic light will turn green when you get there, that you will run into certain people under very unlikely circumstances, and that the lottery numbers you picked just might beat the odds. You can manipulate probability so that, if it's unlikely, it will suddenly become the next most likely thing to happen

Sense: Almost like a sixth
sense, this ability is simple. Dynasty can pick up on the presence of
someone, regardless if their aura and presence is supressed or diguised,
giving him the advantage of no sneak attacks.

Dynasty like many other Pangaea creatures have unparalleled and unnatural senses, however, being a Demi-God, his are literally out of this world. His hearing, sight, smell etc are completely perfect.

Speed & Strength:
Again just like the majority of Pangaea, his speed and strength is immense. His speed surpasses easily an arrancar and levels up to that of teleportation. His strength too is completely undisputed and extraordinary, being able to outmatch many other creatures.

Dynasty has a large stock of energy in his body, both interior and exterior, that he is able to use to create shields, form attacks and just to toy with, simply because his resources of it is just that massive. His energy itself is elegant looking, but powerful, a beautiful blue with rich swirls of green throughout.

Eggsy's gift:
Eggsy's Gift is the ability to turn already existing light particles (photons) into pink and white colored light particles. This ability also allows the creation of Ccicken eggs from nowhere. These eggs are extremely nutritious, but, if dropped or thrown, they will explode in a large mess.

With this power, you will be able to control the amount of sanity a
person has with a thought. It's only a temporary change but a useful
one. Most insane people feel very little pain.

Mirror Teleport:

Imagine you are surrounded by hundreds of soldiers or a few other
superheroes and you're about to get the beating of your lifetime. Just
pull out a mirror and walk through it and you walk out of whatever other
mirror you want. You are able to pull people through with you too, but
it will drain your energy twice as much for everyone you pull in.
Unfortunately, the first mirror will show what the mirror you come out
of is facing.

Sexuality: Straight

Weapons: Black sword

Life Quote: "Just when they think they have all the answers, I change the questions!"

Dynasty Dynast10
[Normal form]

Dynasty Dynast11
[Released form]

(I edited your colour because I couldnt see it. Love zoe. :3)

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Dynasty Empty Re: Dynasty

Post  Jessica on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:13 pm

until he gets his abilities, its all good. (Y)

make sure to write them before you rp on him doe.

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Dynasty Empty Re: Dynasty

Post  Jessica on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:58 pm

okay accepted.

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Look down at me, and see a fool.
Look up at me, and see a God.
Look straight at me, and see yourself.

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Dynasty Empty Re: Dynasty

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