Yhune - "Leopard"

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Yhune - "Leopard" Empty Yhune - "Leopard"

Post  KiZzA-bAbE on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:17 pm

Name: Yhune

Species: Leopard

Age: 6

Physical description: Yhune is an extremly small leopard. She has Golden Yellow fur with Deep black spots and Green eyes that change colour acording to her mood. She has a very long tail with black rings. She has gleaming white teeth and is always very clean. She has a skeletal figure and has short fur.

Personality: Yhune was born evil and struggles to find goodness in her spirit. She doesnt trust very easily and she protects her sister with her life. Because she looses control easily she does not like to fight.

Abilities: She has the power to heal herself and those around her. She can also detect good and evil and detect changes within the enviroment. She also has the power to banish evil spirits.

Weaknesses: Yhunes weaknesses are fire as she is scared of the pain that it brings. Yhune also has a weakness of air as it throws off all of her senses.


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