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Isa - "Raven Companion" Empty Isa - "Raven Companion"

Post  KiZzA-bAbE on Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:40 am

Name: Isa

Age: 6 months

Physical Description: Isa is a fully black raven with grey eyes. He is a plump, medium-sized bird with glistening talons.

History: Isa is but a campanion towards Fauna. He will usually remain within the forest they both live in and will come whenever called. If Fauna calls his name or whistles, Isa is to be seen moments later. Fauna had found an abandoned nest of raven eggs and therefore chose to raise them herself - however only one that had survived was little Isa and has been a close friend to Fauna ever since. He has no abilities or powers, but only an ordinary raven with a lively personality.


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