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Post  Robzombie05fan on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:18 am

Alaric is a splinter he is 341 years old and is quite mature he doesent mind about his race and doesent think he is a monster he knows full well about pretty much every race (he hopes) and doesent care abotu anything realy untill it concerns him or someone he cares about his emotions are usualy hidden but he isent a loner he also will actualy smile and that but isent the most friendly of people

he has a body that looks about 20 years old a thin frame although he has rock solid muscels a hard six pack dwells in his stumach and all muscels realy if you try and squeeze wont budge at all he has no fat at all and his hair is dark messy but glossy and smooth he stands at about 6foot 3inches and weighs next to nothing at only about 10stone

because his muscels are so solid the shafts of bone in his arms are able to be fired out at larger speeds.

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