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The Golem. Empty The Golem.

Post  Kendall on Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:14 am

Name: It doesn't have one. People just call it The Golem.

Age: ???

Gender: Again, doesn't have one.

Race: None. It's an animated object.

Origin: Magical experiment gone awry. Killed its master then left.

Known Relatives: None

Relationships: Killed its creator. Has no friends.

Physical Description: The Golem is essentially a 7-8 foot tall suit of animated armour. The armour is incredibly thick, unwearably so for most mortals. However, since the Golem has no muscles its movement is not inhibited. The inside of the armour is not empty; It's filled with a dark, mist-like substance commonly believed to be what's keeping the thing alive. If this energy is scattered, the golem 'dies', but eventually it regroups and it springs back to life, if you can call it that. The edges of its armour and its sword are covered in strange runes.

Behavioral Description: The Golem doesn't really have a personality. It speaks, though it doesn't tend to socialise (mostly because people run away). If it detects a threat to itself, it will destroy it. When it sets its simple mind to doing a job, it will work for hours until it or its master deems the task complete. Rumour has it that it was originally intended to be a guardian for its creators house and, while it failed catastrophically in that task, it still retains its 'programming', though it does not have a master at the moment. It is unclear whether or not it can feel emotion, but it cannot feel pain.

Clothing description: Err, it is clothing. Already described it PhysDesc.

Abilities: Very strong. Incapable of feeling pain. Ruthlessly determined. Not held back by emotion.

Weaknesses: If it gets a master, it will follow their orders unquestioned, could also be seen as a strength I suppose. When the energy inside is scattered, it will be 'dead' for a while, and forget most of what it learned before with the exception of the things 'hard coded' into its memory; English, its origins and its behavioural patterns.

Cba drawing a picture right now. This'll do:

The Golem. 145338_Darknut

I am aware that this is very similar to Alphonse, but this is an actual, original char. I rarely use Al anyway.

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