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Post  Danny on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:05 pm

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Kid

Age: 11

Race: Lycan - Galliard

Date & Place Of Birth:
12th April, Wilderness.

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Kid stands at 5''2ft with a slightly muscular frame for his age, he has black hair, two black wolf ears with red highlighted ends on the hair and the ears, red and blacky eyes and a scar on his left cheek and two more on his chest.

Clothing Description: Kid wears a heavy black leather jacket with black sandles and blue jeans. Somtimes you also get a glimpse a red amulet around his neck with a cross to the side of it.

Behavioural Description: Kid is a problem child. His attitude is mostly rude and annoying and he doesn't really know what he's saying to people half the time. He doesn't laugh much and is either in a great and devilish mood, a hero-like saving other people mood or a depressing one. He's mostly split two ways with a personality split between Hero and Villan.

Parents Names And Occupations: Kid didn't know his father and grew up with his mother until he was seven, at which age his mother was shot in cold blood infront of his face. He hasn't really recovered and doesn't like to tell people.

Abilities: Kid has the same abilties as any other lycan but is unable to change into his hispo form and has no control over any of the others apart from his Lupus form in which he transofrms into a mere wolf cub and isnt very powerful at all.

Elemental Gifts: Kid is able to control two elements; Earth and fire. He has mastered fire quite well but earth not so much. Kid still practices both and uses fire often in battles.

Other Family Members: Kid is believed to have a sister but it is unknown to him were she is or who she is for that matter.

Spouse or Lover: None

History: Kid grew up with his mother, his father aparently took off when he found out that his mother was pregnant. He was happy with his mother, they were happy with each other. At the age of five he had mastered his lupus form, his mother thought he looked rather cute in it, he was embarrased and told her that one day he will become the biggest lycan ever. He could never hold his mother to that, at the age of seven Kid witnessed his mother be murdered in cold blood infront of him, the image horrified him, it took him over half a year alone in solitude to get over it, he's now just begun coming back out to the world and doesn't seem to like it.

Kid._____________ Ethan

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Post  Jessica on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:06 pm


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