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Post  Eddie on Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:35 pm

Name: Mortis
Race: Unknown, although considered "The Reaper"
Height: 7'9"
Weight: Unknown
Family: Hereby unknown, none declared

Mortis or The Reaper as he is known is an extremely tall being, casting shadows over all that walk or pass by him. There is not much known about his facial appearance or body sculpt and shape, for he is always covered by a large, black cloak. The large black cloak seems to hide everything, except for something the pair of illuminating yellow eyes.

Unlike as depicted of a normal reaper, Mortis does not work for a higher entity that is yet known. He instead works for himself, a being to which his ends are his own doing.

Cold Fear - When around Mortis, the air becomes icy cold and often harsh to the lungs. This can leave those around him gasping for breath. Not only is the air cold in his presence, but those around him will often feel an extremely heightened state of awareness. The awareness results in fear. In lesser beings, this fear itself can paralyse them, in other beings it may just cause them to doubt their motives and next move. It can draw attention from all around.

Soul Pledge - One of the 'Reapers' most known abilities is to control the souls of those that are no longer in their bodies - whether they are dead, in another body or in an object. He is able to slowly pull the souls from those places and guide them, in the direction of heaven, hell or wherever he chooses. That was his soul pledge and purpose that he aims to achieve.

Darkness - The Reaper needs to be able to navigate worlds and realms. To do this he moves through pure darkness, not the shadows, but darkness itself. By using the darkness he is able to transport himself through area's, he may even use it to suffocate someone, or cause the area around them to go pitch black.

Black Kiss - With a single kiss, the reaper is able to corrupt a body. Not in the sense where he is able to control it, but only to where he is able to 'poison' the person. It can be countered with magic. Just pushing it out of the area where it starts can stop the kiss of death itself. Also, if the reaper is not able to continue this forsaken kiss, by the means he is pulled off before the transaction of the ability can happen, then the poison will not be able to move around the body and kill the person.

Deaths Stare - Although the stare does not cause actual death, it causes the complete paralysis of the body. When someone looks at face of the reaper when the eyes glow the body locks together, although it is not completely irreversible. The person may overcome this with the use of energy to the suggested body parts they want to move. However, some people are too scared to even begin to regain control of their energy, let alone regain control of the body. One thing is known, do not remove the hood of the reaper, for like his stare, the person who looks upon his face will paralyse so long as they look in his direction.

The Reaper does not always carry the normal weapon he is addressed to carrying. He infact, carries a weapon far more mystical and much more powerful. The weapon in which he carries is able to change its shape to his will. Whereas it normally takes on the form of a scythe, it could become a claymore, or a bow or a shortsword. The weapon however always takes on the accustomed 'evil' or 'dead' appearance, frightening the victims who even dare to look upon such a beastial weapon.

The Reaper is able to die in most the same ways that a normal being would die. He can be stabbed, shot, burnt but however not drowned. To compensate for his lack of death due to drowning, the reaper is more easily wounded or killed by fire - which can often drive him away. The reaper also burns upon impact with Angelic light, similar to that of a vampire.


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