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Name: Aquilegia Vulgaris. ( The secound name already being so, the first name being given after the blue flower ).

Age: 16

Race: Vampire

Date & Place Of Birth:
16th October, unknown location

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Alquiegia's figure is that of a slim one, her body completely untouched by any scar. Her hair is a brilliant blue that reaches down to her waist-line. She stands to be quite short and looking slightly helpless.

Clothing Description: Alquiegia likes to dress in her normal white outfit that hardly covers her waist with small neat white shoes to match, although she likes to change often, she will always revert back to that outfit. On her outfit is a large black silky bow on the back of it that hangs down gracefully.

Behavioural Description: Alquiegia's attitude changes, depending on whom she is around. Around her friends her attitude is slightly devilish, around boys she's slightly annoyed and grumpy ( her having trouble with them in the past, she thinks they're no good. ).

Parents Names And Occupations: Alquiegia's mother and father brought her up, but she decided to leave home at fifteen, she simpley decided that they were just too clingy for her liking and it just would not do. Alquiegia doesn't look back and doesn't really care. Her parents on the other hand like to send people out to retrieve her, her mother and father being well-off rich people.

Abilities: As the same as any vampire, Alquiegia is able to run at inhuman speeds and break through tree's, etc. On top of this her sight is outstandingly amazing, she see's things most other beings are unable too, and is able to read people's next fighting move, just by simple things. She is very observant. Alquiegia also has a useful trait of being a shield to everyone around her, of her choice of course. In this barrier/shield she is able to stop all different types of magic and traits.

Trait Weakness: The trait is inaffective to any physical attacks.

Other Family Members: Before she left her mother told her of a long lost brother, which she believes to be myth, a reason for her to stay at home with them.

Spouse or Lover: Alquiegia had lots of boyfriends, dumping them at her will, in the end she decided they were all the same, annoyingly troublesom.

History: Alquiegia grew up with a slightly boringly normal life until she met Tamsyn and Astrid, from there it got more and more intresting, they're now both her closest friends and the people she couldn't live without.

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