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Post  Kendall on Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:58 am

Name: Duncan Cormack

Age: 25

: Human

Origin: Was born into a close knit society of warrior monks. He was believed to be a divine messenger of sorts, blessed by their God, and so was trained extensively.

: His mother died shortly after giving birth and he has no siblings, but his father is still alive, as far as he knows.

Relationship Status: Celibate

Physical Description: Duncan is very handsome, his appearance is on par with a vampire's, something his peers believe is part of the blessing he was given. He stands around 6"5, slightly taller than average, and his muscles cause him to be quite heavy even without his armour on. He has deep blue eyes and blonde hair just shorter than shoulder length.

Clothing Description: He is almost always wearing some form of armour. Occasionally he wears full thick plate armour, but for most of his fights he wears a mix of leather and chainmail so he can move around easily. At other times, when relaxing he will just wear a simple white shirt, trousers and boots. However, he always wears a cloak as a coat is too difficult to get over his armour, and he does get awful cold at night.

Behavioural Description and Personality: Being raised by monks, Duncan is extremely religious, and he devotes his life to finding and bringing the Gods justice those he believes to be demons, lawbreakers and those who break the commandments of his religion. He declares anyone who blasphemes or denies the existance of God to be his enemy. Also, he chose to follow the Chivalric code, and so fights to protect the weak, needy and women. He speaks very eloquently and is polite even in combat; never attacking an unarmed opponent, an opponent who is on the ground or is otherwise incapacitated. He always gives his enemies, unless they are 'demons', chances to surrender and leave whenever he can.
Outside of combat, Duncan is very confident and charismatic, as well as generous and kind and so is easy to befriend. He was a very poor sense of humour, jokes and puns are lost on him. However, he is VERY intolerant of certain things, including homosexuals and members of other religions, and he can be quite racist at times.

Abilities: Duncan is unusually gifted for a human, capable of quite strong divine magic, and he emits an aura of sorts, which makes demons around him... well, a bit itchy. Note that he isn't capable of elemental magic or anything thats really visible (I guess you can see the healing, but it's not big or flashy, just looks like the wounds closing up).

Aura - He naturally emits an aura of sorts. It serves no real purpose, as it's just him failing to contain energy, but it does make vampires and other 'demons' feel a bit tingly or itchy.

Bless - He can bestow blessings onto himself or others. These blessings increase their strength, speed, endurance etc for about an hour on average. Unless he uses it on himself, they can drain his energy significantly, depending on the strength and length of enchantment, as well as how many. Usually they are easy to do though, he rarely uses it on more than 1 person at a time.

Heal - Depending on how much energy he uses, Duncan can heal anything from a papercut to a broken leg. However, healing a critical injury will leave him absolutely exhausted, on the verge of falling asleep instantly.

Increased Physical Capability - Not a special ability as such, but he is unusually strong, agile and durable for a human. He can't blurr or anything, he just runs quite fast by human standards.

Weaknesses: Well, for one he's only a human, and even though he's strong by their standards, he's weak compared to a lot of other races. Since he follows the chivalric code, he is obligated to protect women, children and the weak whenever and where ever he can, and this can be manipulated easily by villainous individuals. Blessings and healings tire him out quickly.

History: Duncan was born in a very religious society and because of certain happenings and the word of the high priest, it was (and still is) believed that he was blessed by God. Because of this, he recieved the highest level of education they could offer him, intense physical training and was taught how to use magic. He was told that he was sent by God to defeat His enemies and so set off on his life's mission to rid the world of demons and sinners.

Picture: UPDATE: I forgot to draw the rest of his cape, silly me.
Duncan Cormack 83313-4M0M2ND

Right, making this list from the Races section, doesn't matter if people don't use these races, it's just here as a comprehensive list.
List of beings he is hostile to or will attack:

- Vampires
- The creatures he hates the most. Once he discovers a vampire, he WILL attack it, no exceptions.
- L'Mimicants and L'prarei
- The Hidden - Corrupt only
- Arrancars
- Sparaduses (Sparadi?)
- Sicariuses
- Baraku
- Dragons
- Goblins
- Minotaurs

He might not always attack members of these races (Except vampires) but he won't associate with them, since he thinks they're evil.

Attitude towards those of an unknown race:
Since a lot of people seem to have 'unknowns' I'll put this down too. He won't act hostile towards them unless given reason to, e.g if they break the law. He'll just treat them the same as humans if they look human. He'll be suspicious if they dont. Obviously, this will all be in character, he won't just know characters races.

Attitude towards Angels:

Should he encounter an Angel that isn't Fallen or Renegade, he'll probably fall over and worship it, since they're servants of God.

Attitude towards Lycans:
He has no particular attitude towards the race as a whole, it depends on the individual.

If the whole hullabaloo about blessings and divinity is too much, I'll just take it out and simplify him. I based him on your typical Paladin, so I felt he needed some powers.

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Post  Jessica on Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:06 pm

nicee. =3
and the divinity isn't too much, he isn't like completely checked out with angelic powers xD so its fine.


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Post  Kendall on Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:08 pm

Ah, sweet, thanks dear.

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