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Post  Kendall on Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:37 pm

Name: Lysandra Stormoak. Much prefers being called Lyssa.

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Race: Centaur

Origin: A forest. The specific location of her birth is unknown, the herd is almost always on the move.

Known Relatives
: Mother, three brothers. Her father died in battle

Relationship Status: Straight. Rarely has a partner as her travels take her off the common areas centaurs inhabit. Also, she's a centaur, so she refuses to get into sexual relationships with humanoids for obvious reasons.

Physical Description
: She has an angular face with a tattoo on her left cheek. Her eyes are green like most of her herd and her light brown hair's always a mess. Her human body is average and not particularly muscular. She's very tanned from living outside and not wearing any clothes.Due to being a centaur, Lyssa's a horse from the waist down.Appears to be a mix of a Clydesdale and a Percheron: Very large and muscular, with feathering on all 4 legs. She has light brown fur.

Behavioural Description/Personality: Lyssa is fiercely independent and refuses to be tied down to anything, be it a relationship or a home. She often gets into little fights because of her stubbornness, never anything serious. Given the choice of fight or flight, she will flee, as more often than not she can get away, also she's a much better archer than melee combatant. She's wild and seems unpredictable to most, but she doesn't get close enough to people to let them know what she's really like. Lyssa is generally very passionate about what she loves, and very proud of her race and would die for her family and herd. Can be absent minded as she is often lost in thought.

Clothing Description
: None whatsoever! But has a little bag and wears some jewellry on special occasions.

Abilities: Lyssa is a very skilled archer and astrologer. She has some mild prophetic abilities, but has trouble deciphering her visions. Most of them come through the form of dreams and so are forgotten unless she writes them down.

Weaknesses: Just the same weaknesses as your average living being. Gets distracted easily at night by the stars

Other Skills
: Lyssa is a pan-flute maestro!

Weapon Preferences/Equipment: Carries a bow and arrows around with her at all times. Can use a sword, but isn't anything special with one.

Special Item
: Always carries her journals, pan flute and a pen in her little bag.

History: Raised in her herd until she was 18 and she left. Has been travelling ever since, sometimes returns to the herd for a few months, but always leaves.
Just a quick pic, cba with shading, its just so you get the idea

Lyssa Stormoak 78797-DMH0V7J

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