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Raven Kúron





Raven wears a greenish brown coat which reaches his waist, a long brown scarf around his neck, a plain white or black t-shirt, bootcut jeans and chunky sandles.

Physical Apperance;
Raven has shoulder lengthed spikey brown hair, dark golden eyes, an average sized body with no showing strength, pale skin and a scar on his right cheek.

Other Features;
Nimble, agile, wise.

Raven has a split personality to the extent that it is out of his control. One side of Ravens personality is calm, cocky and alot less friendly. The other side - on the other hand is a much more friendly, hero-like personality that would protect almost anyone from harms way. The personality change is normally caused by battle,the more cocky side taking over until something 'unforsean' by him would occur, e.g the loss of a comrade, etc.

Smoking, playing chess.

Raven has a mix of abilites, one of them brining down the wrath of the gods; Hades and Zues. Each god holding different circumstances to be able to be used at his will.

Hades, god of the underworld is rarely brought from Ravens abilites but has a heart of pure darkness and is able to somtimes take over Ravens body for a short period, in which time, Raven is unable to control what or who he kills. This gods power is the power to let the undead arise from the earth, and allow Raven to become one of them, and of course once dead, he turns into bones, returning to his body. Raven can only use this technique once in battle and takes a week ( in our time ) to recharge it.

Zeus, god of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus. The god of the sky, the god of thunder. With this god, Raven brings down his thunder, ruining the land and crushing his enemy with its might, Raven is also able to take a concerntrated thunder bolt, as the mighty Zeus was able too and strike his opponent down, sending a shockwave crashing to the ground. Being a user of Zeus' gifts, Raven is immune to any lightening based attacks. Finally, Raven is able to create 'The ultimate barrier' which he does not need any energy summoning for, he simply speaks the words and the barrier apears, nothing is able to penetrate the barrier, but he is not able to get anyone in or out of it, or attack back himself whilst in control of the barrier, it is a defensive, tactical retreat only and is rarely used.

Raven, having his name is able to spread one black wing, and one white and fly.

Ravens strength is at an amazing power, it being higher than any vampires own.

Raven isn't supremely fast, but is able to blurr.

- Weakness:
The gods power's have a huge toll on Raven, especially Zeus' barrier. After the use of any, Ravens energy is reduced to almost zero.

Ravens older brother, Crow plays a huge role in his life, and wouldn't be able to live without hime.

History -
( Sorting with Adam. )

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Raven Kúron. Brandnewlarina
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