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Date & Place Of Birth:
Unknown - Far North

Physical Appearance:
Destry in her female form, carrys long black hair, moving down her frame, meeting near her lower back. She also has a strong jaw bone, very defined and moves out beautifully. She is able to form wings and claws in this form. She has gentle blue eyes a long with this.

Destry Cain  Siubvgowr
Destry Cain  Fantasy-Angel-69667

His male form is similar, with short black hair, flicked out at random places, still the rather defined features. His eyes can change between a red and blue.

Destry Cain  Noctis
Destry Cain  H

Clothing Description:

She is seen to wear something revealing, her working dress wear is that of above. (wing one) Whilst if she is to go on a normal day out, she may wear something similar to the one above.(wingless one)

In her working wear, he normally wears the one above. (red eyes.)
Whilst normal everyday wear, is the one above. (blue eyes.)

Personality Description:
She is normally silent, and has a blunt voice at times. Her male form seems to be more silent than the female. When she is in her female form, she has a more ordering tone to her. Whilst in her male form, she is rather silent and hardly speaks. She doesn't waste time on words to people with stupid ambitions. Although has known to take a rather blunt, unhumourus tone towards her partner, although her partner seems not to care. She is able to make companions easily if she feels the need, or if the person she is befriending, is a trustworthy person. She tends to be sometimes tempermental, although hides it cleanly behind a calm facade. Her temper or features hardly slip fron neautral

Parents Names:

Other Family Members:

Gravity - Brother


Street smart

Swordmanship, and is talented with multiple types of firearms. Having excellent stamina, and general flexibility. He has perfect agility.



Sex Change:
This is hardly an ability Destry wanted nor cares for, the change comes at random at any given moment, changing her clothes a long with it, to fit her shape. It simply changes her sex from male to female.

Female Wings and Claws:
This is a normal ability, simply claws and wings she is able to form at any given moment in her female form.

Male red eyes:
His eyes are an ability he uses when working, they will used to relfect and illusion back at whoever looks at them, this illusion will make the person think that he or she is in either a hellish realm or heaven. Depending on his mood. (Similar to Kaikens ability, but less advanced.)

Shadow Control:
Plain and simple 100% control over shadow.

Senses: Extreme eyesight, hearing, and smell. His speed is touching past arrancar speeds, due to this, when he moves in a cirlce, forms are left behind him, as he is almost able to catch up with himself, this is him causing a complete replica of his form. If he sped up, he could create multiple replica's of himself in seconds.

He is able to evolve, and adapt to a wound temporarly. Example: If he was cut on the wrist, he would adapt almost instantly, and the blood flow to that wound would stop, and change direction down another vein and remake that vein into the main vein. Although this would not work, if his head was chopped off, he would simply die, like any other creature.

Ability to increase or decrease the natural density of an object or another person.

Energy Burst:
This burst of external energy, cancels out any form of external energy used around them, for a long period of time, for 80 miles. This is an extreme amount of energy used, and leaves Destry slightly tired afterwards and it roughly takes him 10 minutes to gather his strength. Although he can not fight at his best. This would exclude abilitys like blurring, senses, strength or other such things.

Similar strength to an arrancar, slightly over done, although he hardly uses any of it, he is able to release his strength, similar to that like a claymore, although no pyhsical change happens to him when he released his strength, he seems to keep it at minimum. His strength normally not straying from 10%.

Destry Cain  Fantasysword
Its shape form, is similar to a claymores, but shaped near the end more of that of a sword. The shape of it seems unique, but most black smiths see the sword as unfit to use in combat, whilst Destry proves different with his swordmanship with it.

He also carrys knuckle dusters, and two double barrel guns

Other Items:
General items, money, a small bag with bullets, and casings in. A long with a few random objects he picks up on his travels.


(Do later)

Destry Cain  Devastation
(Just between the two changes of male and female.)

currently revealed;

Destry displays unearthly skills in battle, wielding a variety of weapons including swords, spears, axes, and firearms, among others, though his primary weapon appears to be a falchion fashioned with an engine at the hilt. He can conjure the weapons into the air and wield them by hand or by telekinesis, through the power of the Lintua/Kanza, allowing him to form a wall of weapons which can act as a shield. He has also displayed the ability to teleport, seemingly to the locations of his weapons, allowing him to throw one of his weapons a great distance and reappear where it lands seconds later, the weapon in hand. In battle, his hair and eye colors change depending on which weapons and abilities he uses, though the reason for this has not been revealed.

This is the final of Destrys abilities. ESP is "the ability to receive or send information not using the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell." Hence, the term, "sixth sense." This is something strictly used by the Lintua Cult. It consists of five categories:

Telepathy: Mind-to-mind communication
Clairvoyance: Seeing events or objects through an inner sight
Precognition: The ability to view events before they occur
Retrocognition: The ability to view past events
Psychometry: The ability to learn the history of an object by touching it

Although Destry's ESP tendencies do not seem to be the most powerful in the cult, he is far more talented in other abilities, and hardly uses this.

Destry Cain  Finalf10

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Lol Gravity get a transvestite family member. ;3

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