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Kaiken Lorr

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Kaiken Lorr





Amount of money -
224 pounds

A white open top, wierd purple trousers with a strange looking belt.

Physical Apperance;
Dark black tainted eyes, white pale skin, average built.

Other Features;
Acrobatic, agile, fast.

Kaiken is a man that hates alot of things and doesnt really like anything, the only thing he feels even the slightest emotions for is his younger brother Amsoday Lor - even that is a poor relationship too most people. Kaiken does not bother himself with people and trys to kill them most of the time he has if they bother him, even the slightest bit.. Kaiken is rarely seen with anyone - this is due to his reputation of being a mass murderer, because of what everyone thinks of Kaiken he has decided to try the best to stay away from people and avoid convosation with them..

Secound State - Kaiken has two states, his secound is said to resemble that of a vampires, yet in its abilities much different. Kaikens secound state consists of his strength becoming two times as fast as it was in his first state, as well as his speed and his energy recources. Kaiken also has two webbed giant hands which are formed from his back. The hands are stronger than any metal, although they look like normal skin and also allow Kaiken to fly.


Kaiken is also able to force a great amount of illusions on people, forcing time and space away from them. In his illusions are these -

The Taint

- Time And Space Stop ( Time stops for the person for 20 secounds )
- Realm Warp ( In the illusion he can warp the persons body away to somwhere else in pangea )

- Body transfer ( Allows him to transfer his own, and others souls into another body, posing as his own, or their own. )

- Time And Space Switch ( It switches the place and time, the time extending, three minutes in the real realm, would be 70 days in the illusion. )

- Emotional and physical nerve shut down ( Allowing Kaiken to feel no physical or mental pain, the mental pain obviously not affecting him, the physical pain although still tearing him up, making it bareble. )

- Copy Cat ( Allowing Kaiken to copy any physical or energy based technique) ( Must have the tain activated on use )

- Weakness:
If the person can focus themselves on the pain being emmited they can force it away, unless the pain is being caused in both realms simultaniously.
Nagashi - Nagashi is the blade Kaiken carries in a rope around his waist, unlike other blades Kaiken is able to easily form his energy, and elements around it. Another advantage of Nagashi is that it is able to pass through other objects, like a ghost form - then reform when it hits a living object. Nagashi is well known as the sword of thunder. It has this title because of the fact that when the user wishes it, he can draw out a storm, without using any of his own energy.

History -
Kaiken - Kaiken was born into the world with his brother, Amosday. Both of them were raised well. At the age of ten, they were both astonishingly brilliant at pretty much everything. Kaiken was well favoured - Not because he was better than his brother, but only because Amosday had a ruder, and more out bursting personality. When they turned twelve. Kaiken and Amosday were separated from their parents, and never saw them again. Instead, they were raised by Lucifer himself. Taught to never give in, and kill whenever they wished too. Amosday not learning much from the teaching of.. Kill whenever he wants too. Kaiken and Amosday had grown greatly. They was with Lucifer, for many an age. Until he sent them to kill a pair of somwhat, 'threats' to him. Kaiken and Amosday took their mission and were sent from the under-world to the surface. They were sent to kill Palina and Feanro, whom were what they heard the protecters of Pangea. Kaiken new near the begining that they were going to be trouble, Amosday on the other hand just felt like slashing them to bits. Kaiken and Amosday set out. Many suns set before they even met Feanro and Palina, but even then they failed - letting them escape. Lucifer was right in the end, and too Kaiken, died a pitiful discrace at the hand of Palina. Knowing it would do them no good to bother with Palina and Feanro anymore, the pair turned to training and found an annoying group of vampires that wouldnt seem to die. Later that year, Kaiken fell in love with a women named Isabella, or Bella for short. Of course, it didn't last long - Kaiken being a mass murderer and having not many feelings at all. After that, Kaiken grew tired of life almost all together, the two of them laid back and split up for a while. Kaiken, made a small but valuable hidden lair in the heart of a waterfall. There, he trained himself and worked hard. After months of training his body and trying to release his sickening illness, Kaiken walked Pangea once more, although the illness still rotting his body away, Kaiken felt healthier inside, getting over the slight dissapearance of his brother Amosday, his feelings hardly changing though. Kaiken wondered aimlessly for a while, not bothering to fight people, besides - Kaiken normally never drew first blood. It was Amosday. And so Kaiken had stumbled into his annoying but befriended 'dream-girl' Dante. Kaiken, finding out somone close to him is on an assassins hit list feels he has an aim, unless that person finishes the assassin off first. Like Hatake, Kaiken has also received the amazing gift from their friend, Palina. Kaiken has also began to calm down since Amosday's leaving and has shaped out to be a much nicer person than anyone would have ever imagened. Maybe the old generation is leaving, and the new is beggining?

If you want to see Kaiken and Amsoday in action, here's a clip from naruto, where the characters were stolen from =].
Kaiken + Amsoday AMV
Kaiken & Amosday AMV
Kaiken AMV
Kaiken AMV
Amosday AMV
The new looking Kaiken:

Kaikens secound form:

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