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Name; Katrina 'Chance' Astrate.
Physical Age; 22 [Real Age Unknown]
Race; Human [Mutation]

Brief History; Katrina was a highly intelligent student who was fascinated in the study of medicine and magic being used together. However when a meteor hit Pangea became infected by a viral infection. Katrina soon became infected and was obsessed with finding a cure. She confined herself to her secret lab and being running tests on herself to create a logical cure. During her findings however, she often went wrong and caused herself to mutate changing her from human to something new. Eventually after many years of trying she cured herself but was left scarred and mutated, a new being.

Personaility; As she kept herself confined for many years she is very unsure on how to act around people and is often known to get herself into fights for no apparent reason. She is very quick to anger and appears to not understand normal emotions. She can experience times of extreme happiness but most of the time she is very contained and will only talk if talked to first.

Items; Katrina is known for her variety of weapons which she carries with her at all times. The first of which being a pair of Khukri blades [see picture below], her only other weapons are various guns which are kept on a holster along her body. She has various pistols, a shot gun as well a large machine gun.
Katrina 'Chance' Astrate. Khukri-knife

Abilities; Heightened Senses & Speed
- Katrina's senses have become heightened, although her eyes are the most puzzling of her senses. Her ability being that her eyes can mutate to suit her surroundings whether it is dark, if there is bright lights, to cope with further distances and closer and finally being able to see people's energy in the form of dim or bright lights. Her eyes will change colour for each various occasion ranging from black, white, green, brown and purple.
- Her speed is just under the speed of a vampire so she is unable to flit.

Telekenesis & Mind Control
- She has learnt how to defend herself from any attacks on her mind and also, Katrina is able to move items with her mind but only for a short distance as it takes up too much of her energy.
- Her only other form of mind control is that she can lock down onto a person's mind and place immense pressure to the brain causing them to black out.

Fast Healing Abilities
- When she became infected, her cells managed to fasten their healing process to make it almost momentarily as she can take energy from the area surrounding her and place it into her body to heal certain wounds. However this is only used rarely unless it is from a large outside source.

Physical Appearance; Katrina's has pale porcleain coloured skin in both of her forms. Many scars run along her body mainly her arms where she has injected herself as well as a large scar which runs across her right shoulder the cause of which is unknown. Although her physique changes from being very slender and almost fragile at a height of only 5''4 looking to becoming around 5''10, her body becomes more toned and the muscles along her body are more defined and powerful. Another major change to her appearance is a pair of large dark brown/black wings which protrude from her back which were caused after a mishap with one of her cure ideas. Another one of her mishaps has ended with when in her mutated form is her eyes these going from a light peridot green to that of a dark brown. However, one of her abilities when in her mutated form allows her eyes to change to her surroundings [explained above]
[Normal Appearance]
Katrina 'Chance' Astrate. Anime-girl-1
[Mutated Appearance]
Katrina 'Chance' Astrate. Black_Wings

[ She can be killed normally as long as the wound is critical such as slitting her throat, poison, shot in the head. Oh you get the idea.. ]

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Katrina 'Chance' Astrate. Empty Re: Katrina 'Chance' Astrate.

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