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Post  clareyy on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:29 pm

Name; Sabrina Taylor

Race; Unknown

Age; 6790

Abilities; Sabrina has the ability to morph her body into any appearance she wishes. Also being a mage she can control energy to do as she wishes. Part of this means she can track energy levels and sense a person’s energy potential in the form of colours. She can use elements as part of her basic training and can use her energy for things most people are incapable of doing.

Appearance; This changes but she usually resorts to her normal appearance. Her normal appearance is beauty equal to that of a vampire with her long golden blonde hair usually in curls, bright blue eyes and defined cheek bones. She has an almost angelic look about her, and she adds to this with large either feathered wings to make her have the overall appearance of an angel or a pair of medium sized fairy styled wings that change colour according to her emotions at the time. Her figure is very slender and toned with very pale porcelain coloured skin.

Clothing + Items; Her usual clothing style for her, is either short dresses or very often shorts and a normal t shirt. The colours can range from bright pinks to black or even white all depending on what sort of image she wants to put across to people around her. Her first item, is a space hopper which she has bewitched to hover, fly and bounce itself to any destination she wants. The second item she carries is a pole which she can extend to any length she can think of, although on the end is a large pink flower which she can bewitch into a large spike.

Personality; Sabrina is very optimistic in the way she see’s situations in her life and in others. She has a childlike innocence about her which makes her never treat anything seriously. Her patience is very limited with people who seem to irritate her. Part of her main characteristics is to be loyal to the people who mean the most to her and has very high morals which she refuses to let anyone try to change.

Brief history; At a very young age she was taken from her family to a different place. She was then trained alone by a mentor to become a mage. Unfortunately, one night when she was very early on in her training she and her mentor were cornered by a group of hunters. The mentor was killed off but she was left injured but was saved by a former pupil of her mentor. His name was Kairi. He helped her track down the hunters. He then killed the hunters as revenge and proceeded to teach Sabrina the rest of her training. She then excelled under his teachings and became equal to his powers.

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