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Post  Adam on Sat Oct 10, 2009 7:41 pm

Name: Quiad Binot

Age: 300 (Appears in his 20's)

Race: Enhanced Human

Date & Place Of Birth: He was born on the 30th of August in London

Height, Weight & Physical Description: Quiad is an attractive man, but not exceptionally so. His body is well toned but not extremely muscular, standing at 6''1, a reasonable height for someone of his body and build. Quiad's skin is actually flawless, with no visible marks or blemishs whatsoever, although he does possess a large dragon tattoo on his back.

His skin is a mixutre of tan and paleness, which actually works quite well. Quiad's features are rather pointed yet smooth, which gives him a rather ruggedly handsome look. His eye colour is a dark green with a blackish feel to them. His hair dark blonde mixed with a light brown which moves just to the bottom of his neck and is often combed into style.

Overall, Quiad is not a definitively attractive man but it is not to say that he is quite a handsome looking one.

Clothing Description: He wears a variety of suits and shirts, his favourite suit is pure white with a black shirt and dark red tie, accompanied withgleaming black shoes. He will usually wear his suits when he is meeting with people has to leave the building. But when he is merely working in his office he will wear a number of shirts that he owns along with black trousers or jeans, again with the gleamingly black shoes.

Behavioural Description: Quiad is a very proud man and can be very cold, he doesn't show caring to many people as he feels that one day he may have to go through them to get what he wants.

Parents Names And Occupations: Rolland and Jensine Binot. Rolland was a bank manager and before giving birth his mother was a maid.

Abilities: He is relatively skilled when it comes to using a revolver.

Other Family Members: Quiad's family is relatively big although he never mentions it. He grew up with 2 younger sister whom annoyed him beyond all recognition and a older brother whom his parents seemed to compare him to constantly, much to Quiad's distain. He also has several Aunties, uncles and cousins.

Spouse or Lover: Non, currently divorced.

Social Class: Upper

Education: He attended Oxford university and graduated with a degree in business.

Job Related Skills: He used to own his own assassin company Mystic Blade, but since it was absorbed into Iris Command, he now works as second in command there.

Hobbies: Quiad's hobbies often revolve around work, most liekly doing his filing or sitting back with a nice cigar.

Personal Qualities: He is relatively loyal and is extremely good at his job.

Sense Of Humour: It's relatively normal, although he doesn't seem to have one often.

Health, Physical State, Distinguishing Marks, Disabilities: Healthy

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Attitude Towards Life: "You only live once, so get all the money you can."

Attitude Towards Death: "No-ones here permanently, so I just help them check out early"

Quiad Binot (Enhanced Human) Quiad2

Quiad Binot (Enhanced Human) Quiad1

Quiad Binot (Enhanced Human) Quiad

Quiad Binot (Enhanced Human) 28ef46c5

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