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Max Wood - Disappeared Empty Max Wood - Disappeared

Post  Zoey on Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:11 pm

Max Wood

In his 400s


Date & Place of Birth:
12/7/1620 – 389; born in Brazil, in the coasts, this is now known as Belem.

Height/Weight/Physical Description:
Height: 7ft3
Weight: 168 pounds
Physical Description:
Max is that of a tall build, large muscles stretching over a pale complexion, he has a workmans face, although perfect. His hands are rough to touch although gentle. He has a quite defined face, a very handsome one at that. With tangent orange crystal eyes, and a sharp jaw. Due to recent happenings Max has a tattoo all the way down the side of his body.

Max Wood - Disappeared 02

Max is fairly humourous, and trys not to let him self get pissed off easily, this is hard fro him since he would normally just let loose on anyone who pissed him off. But since Heidi entered his life he has found it hard to get annoyed infront of her, and will try anything to stop him from getting pissed off as easily as he used to. Although with this, sometimes in serious situation, he has known to laugh at whatevers coming to him, secretly trying to laugh his way out of it. Or to just make himself feel better. Max is also a strong believer in protecting the women. Himself, he hates being protected and will do anything to the person protecting him, even if it means harming them himself. He is rather vain as well, he knows he has the looks and he flaunts it. Alot.

Max's trait is simple, he is able to regrow any part of body, this means anything. He can grow cracked ribs, and heal them in a way.

Parents' Names:
Davi Pena (A Wealthy Brazilian) & Jessica Wood (English Catholic Slave)

Other Family Members:

Spouse or Lover:
Heidi Pheonix

Social Class: Upper Class

Education: Limited

Job-Related Skills: Hard Labour skills

Health/Physical Condition/Distinguishing Marks/Disabilities:

Sexual Orientation:
Straight - Although has had some experiances that would say other wise.

(Will do this later)

Max Wood - Disappeared Reno_Blood_Lay

Max Wood - Disappeared 2009-09-18-199561

Max Wood - Disappeared Rocker
(Rebelious Max, early vampire years.)

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Max Wood - Disappeared Empty Re: Max Wood - Disappeared

Post  Jessica on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:55 pm


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