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Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:38 pm

Name: Jonathan Raze
Age: 28
Race: Unknown (believed to be Mortal)
Height: 5’10”

Jonathan is of average build and height. He has short, dark brown hair that can often be mistaken for black, which is often spiked up a little to give an aesthetically pleasing look. He is moderately good looking, with a dark brown iris around each of his pupils and a fairly young face. He has thin lips and keeps a clean shaven face, so clean shaven that it were as if he could never grow facial hair. His ears are rather small and more rounded than most. This look can implicate a feeling of friendliness and warmth to others. He does not look intimidating by facial features at all.
His clothes are usually black in colour and made of leather. Although this would portray him as cold being, he is in fact the opposite. He wears a leather jacket, although not extremely huge that it swamps him, it seems to fit nicely amongst his bodily features. On the back of this is a white symbol that seems to take the shape of a skull with flames erupting around it. Under this is a largely checked black and white shirt, button up at the front. He also wears some leather trousers which have some fair length, but are not that baggy.
Jonathan is a fairly warming person to talk to. He is friendly and does not pick fights with just about anybody, there would need to be a significant reason for him to get into a fight. He often portrays himself in as kind a manner as possible, there to please other people as well as himself. This kind of attitude allows him to make friends with most people with significant ease. However, he is rather professional and often can be very serious; these are times when you must watch out for that which he does.
He has only one special power within his normal state; he can be killed the same way as anyone else would be able to. He is able to see the ‘truth’ and to sense evil. He cannot be fooled by disguises if he pays attention properly and he is not able to be lied to without him knowing so. However, he is also the Vengeance spirit. This allows him to switch to his other form, or more so known as the ‘true form’. In this ‘true form’ he is able to do a varying manner of different abilities and powers. This form has also gathered him the alias; Vengeance.
As Vengeance the mortal appearance seems to disappear. His head loses any form of distinguishing features that it might have had. This includes hair, skin, eyes, nose, lips and ears. In its place he is left with a purely white skull, floating mystically above his body by some unknown force, as his neck is completely gone. This skull is set alight with ethereal flames that are resistant to water. His body becomes slightly more muscular but not overly so.
His leather clothing also begins to transform. At his joints (shoulders, elbows, knees) the leather seems to protrude two inch long spikes. These spikes are relatively sharp and are kept within mint condition to give them a ‘brand new’ look. His boots then also get metal over them; however they are only spiked by one inch spikes on the top and have a rams head at the toe end, made of solid metal. He also gains a pair of black gloves with studs on them; however his hands are also set alight with the ethereal flames that remain resistant to water. Somehow the flames do not damage him or his clothing. This whole look makes him extremely sinister, striking fear into even the strongest and hardest of people, often when amongst others they may faint.
Vengeance has a varied set of abilities. The main ability is that he is a master of fires of any form. He is able to create and manipulate both normal flames and the ethereal flames that seemingly are resistant to water and other liquids. Out of these flames he has been known to create or mutate creatures and some objects into becoming somewhat alike to him. These creatures or objects are imbued with extreme speed that allows them to move across water, leap great distances and to even ride up vertical surfaces. Most of these have also been known to look similar to him and always return to their original state after he has come out of Vengeance form. The ethereal flames that he uses, as said earlier are able to be solidified and made into different objects. They still retain temperatures that are barely withstand able to any race and can cause extreme burns. These objects can oftentimes be controlled by his mind, considering they are pure ethereal flame.
His body, although not as overdeveloped muscularly as most other peoples may seem is extremely strong. Vengeance possesses a daemonic strength.
He also has a special talent known as ‘Penance Stare’. Penance means that the person repents their sins. During penance stare, the victim of the attack is forced unwillingly to witness the torture or pain and suffering that they have caused upon others and during this process, they burn on the inside and if he continues, even after death they may burn all the way to the outside. This only happens when the victim looks at his empty eye sockets and he looks at theirs. This can be forcibly or not, however, if the person or being has never sinned in their life, or caused pain and suffering then it will simply not work on them.
Being the Vengeance spirit, Vengeance is allowed to return souls to their bodies or to heaven and hell where they may belong. He is able to carry them in his ethereal flames but however, cannot force them to commune with spirits or others, and he does not gain any of their traits or abilities, nor will he be able to get more power from holding them. He is simply a carrier of them. Because he may need to move them to heaven or hell, he has the ability to enter both without harm, although, he does not choose to stay in either for too long.
Despite his appearance, with no eyes and ears or nose he can still retain all of his senses. And unlike most people he is able to see spirits, souls and most things that are hidden, however if someone is forcibly hiding themselves or something in another realm or completely cloaking themselves with magic, he is not able to sense them or see them. He is not able to see energy levels but however is always able to see the ‘truth’. This allows him to see whether someone is a sinner or not, and to see through lies and disguises, disguises so long as he is paying attention that is.
Vengeance usually uses his powers as his weapons. This is shown by his ethereal chains made from pure ethereal flame. They work towards his minds bidding, and so can be manipulated to stretch to reach long distances and to move at his command, even when he does not hold them. This holds the same principle with all the other objects that he might make, however, anything animalistic or creature like however will not hold these properties. These chains are made as soon as Jonathan Raze transforms into Vengeance and are wrapped around him until he takes them off.
As he has no neck his head is not able to be removed and his mind doesn’t truly exist (its not materialistic), this would have no effect on the rest of his body. However, he is able to be killed in any other mortal fashion, except for loss of air and bleeding. His heart can be stabbed, he can be crushed, he can be electric shocked (only type of burn he may be affected by), flames however do not harm him. He is not immune to injury of any sort, although capable of dealing with serious pain, he has to have time to heal and this must take place within Jonathan Raze’s form.


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accepted. (Y)

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